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H A Ddelete.txt1 ===== Ištrinti vartotoją =====
H A Dsubmitted.txt3 I dati sono stati inviati correttamente.
H A Dintro.txt7 I dati raccolti contengono informazioni come la versione di DokuWiki, il numero e le dimensioni del…
H A Dacronyms.conf4 AFAICS As far as I can see
5 AFAIK As far as I know
6 AFAIR As far as I remember
29 IANAL I am not a lawyer (but)
31 IIRC If I remember correctly
H A Drevisions.txt3 Dyma adolygiadau hŷn y ddogfen gyfredol. I droi'n ôl i hen adolygiad, dewiswch e isod a phwyso ''Go…
H A Dpwconfirm.txt7 I gadarnhau daeth y cais oddi wrthoch chi, pwyswch y ddolen isod.
H A Dsubscr_digest.txt13 I ganslo hysbysiadau tudalen, mewngofnodwch i'r wici ar
H A Dsubscr_list.txt10 I ganslo hysbysiadau'r dudalen, mewngofnodwch i'r wici ar
H A Dsubscr_single.txt16 I ganslo hysbysiadau'r dudalen, mewngofnodwch i'r wici ar
H A Dedit.txt1 Modifikuokite šį puslapį ir paspauskite ''Išsaugoti''. Apie wiki sintaksę galite paskaityti [[wiki:…
H A Dconflict.txt5 …u esančius skirtumus ir nuspręskite, kurią versiją išsaugoti. Paspausdami ''Išsaugoti'' išsaugosit…
H A Dhelp.txt9 I tabellen nedenfor vises alle nærværende satte adgangskontroll-regler. Du kan bruke den til raskt …
H A Dintro.txt5 …dok postavke s bijelom pozadinom sadrže korisnički postavljene vrijednosti. I plave i bijele posta…
H A Dhelp.txt7 I kassen for oven giver dig mulighed for at se og ændre tilladelser for en bestemt bruger eller gru…
H A Dimport.txt5 I campi CSV devono essere separati da una virgola (,) e le stringhe delimitate con apici (%%""%%). …
H A DREADME.md27 please tell me about it! It's worth a link to you, and I can give
35 me about it! Perhaps you've made a good improvement that I can learn
H A DTHANKS4 I owe these people/groups my thanks for help with GeSHi. Thanks, guys!
16 - bbspliff - Thanks for pointing out that bug (pity I already
28 I'm sure)
32 that I "forced" on you guys before ;)
205 - PL/I Robert Prins
H A DBUGS6 - I'm not happy with URLS - there still could be extra bugs, and it's rather unflexible
H A DCHANGELOG5 it by each one (if there's nobody listed as suggesting it I dreamed it up :)). Users
190 * PL/I (Robert Prins)
775 - Added (dubious) fix for google "I'm feeling lucky" search for java keywords
941 there still seems to be issues with encoding in general that I'm trying to gather more
944 by default (untested, but I don't really care if it works... get firefox! ;))
H A Dhelp.txt4 Till vänster visas alla tillgängliga namnrymder och sidor du kan välja. I formuläret ovanför kan d…
H A Dlang.php198 $lang['upperns'] = 'I ad anterius genus';
244 …= 'Administratio feliciter perficitur. Delere install.php documentum potes. I ad <a href="doku.php…
H A DREADME.md28 Note that this updated version is **version 2.0.0**. I have kept the original class tagged as **ver…
H A Dsyntax.txt277 I think we should do it
281 >> Well, I say we should
290 I think we should do it
294 >> Well, I say we should
H A Djquery.min.js2I="(?:\\\\[\\da-fA-F]{1,6}"+M+"?|\\\\[^\\r\\n\\f]|[\\w-]|[^\0-\\x7f])+",W="\\["+M+"*("+I+")(?:"+M+… function
H A Djquery-ui.min.js6I=e(k.my,h.outerWidth(),h.outerHeight());"right"===n.my[0]?D.left-=l:"center"===n.my[0]&&(D.left-=…