1# Acronyms.
3ACL          Access Control List
4AFAICS       As far as I can see
5AFAIK        As far as I know
6AFAIR        As far as I remember
7API          Application Programming Interface
8ASAP         As soon as possible
9ASCII        American Standard Code for Information Interchange
10BTW          By the way
11CMS          Content Management System
12CSS          Cascading Style Sheets
13DNS          Domain Name System
14EOF          End of file
15EOL          End of line
16EOM          End of message
17EOT          End of text
18FAQ          Frequently Asked Questions
19FTP          File Transfer Protocol
20FOSS         Free & Open-Source Software
21FLOSS        Free/Libre and Open Source Software
22FUD          Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt
23FYI          For your information
24GB           Gigabyte
25GHz          Gigahertz
26GPL          GNU General Public License
27GUI          Graphical User Interface
28HTML         HyperText Markup Language
29IANAL        I am not a lawyer (but)
30IE           Internet Explorer
31IIRC         If I remember correctly
32IMHO         In my humble opinion
33IMO          In my opinion
34IOW          In other words
35IRC          Internet Relay Chat
36IRL          In real life
37KISS         Keep it simple stupid
38LAN          Local Area Network
39LGPL         GNU Lesser General Public License
40LOL          Laughing out loud
41MathML       Mathematical Markup Language
42MB           Megabyte
43MHz          Megahertz
44MSIE         Microsoft Internet Explorer
45OMG          Oh my God
46OS           Operating System
47OSS          Open Source Software
48OTOH         On the other hand
49PITA         Pain in the Ass
50RFC          Request for Comments
51ROTFL        Rolling on the floor laughing
52RTFM         Read The Fine Manual
53spec         specification
54TIA          Thanks in advance
55TL;DR        Too long; didn't read
56TOC          Table of Contents
57URI          Uniform Resource Identifier
58URL          Uniform Resource Locator
59W3C          World Wide Web Consortium
60WTF?         What the f***
61WYSIWYG      What You See Is What You Get
62YMMV         Your mileage may vary