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.htaccessH A D09-Feb-2014423 87

READMEH A D09-Feb-2014289 54

comments.phpH A D09-Feb-20141.4 KiB3713

entry.phpH A D09-Feb-20144.2 KiB9263

feed.phpH A D09-Feb-20141,015 3412

list.phpH A D09-Feb-20142.2 KiB6030

recentcomments.phpH A D09-Feb-20141.1 KiB327


1The files in this dir are BlogTNG data template files (see
2<https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:blogtng#templates> for details). Have a look at
3the README in the template's root dir (-> "I. Using/Installing the template")
4and/or <https://www.dokuwiki.org/template:mnml-blog> if you need help.