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1DokuCMS Template for DokuWiki
3All documentation for the Template is available online at:
6(c) 2008 - 2015 by Klaus Vormweg <klaus.vormweg@gmx.de>
7See COPYING for license info.


1# DokuCMS Template
2## General Description
4This template (templates in Dokuwiki are equivalent to skins in other wiki systems) can be of value if you use Dokuwiki as a lightweight CMS. It is best suited for a wiki with read access for everybody and restricted write access. It is not suited for a totally closed wiki. From version 0.1.1 onward it can be used for a totally open wiki.
6The template offers a sidebar with either an index or content from a wiki page. It is based on the "Arctic" and the default template.
8## License
10This template is published under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL) V2.
12## Special Thanks
14Thanks to Andreas Gohr and fellow programmers for creating such a wonderful tool.
15Thanks to Michael Klier for the Arctic template
16Thanks to the users of this template for hints and ideas how to make this template more usable.
17The Hamburger menu without javascript inspired by Austin Wulf (http://www.sitepoint.com/pure-css-off-screen-navigation-menu/)
19## Installation
21Unpack the file somewhere. Move the directory named `dokucms` into the `/lib/tpl` directory of your Dokuwiki installation.
23In the configuration plugin chose dokucms as your template.
25## Suggested Dokuwiki Configuration
27This template works best with "Hierarchical breadcrumbs" switched on and the corresponding "Number of breadcrumbs" set to "0".
29Turning "Use first heading for pagenames" on results in a nicer index.
31## Configuration
33Two general looks are included and may be switched by editing the style.ini.
35;dokucms special variables
37__content_width__ = 80em;
38; red look
39; activate either these four lines or the four lines below
40;__text__           = "#300"
41;__yourlogo__ = flower_red.png
42;__background_alt__ = "#911"
44; blue look
45; activate either these four lines or the four lines above
46__text__           = "#003"
47__yourlogo__ = flower_blue.png
48__background_alt__ = "#119"
50By commenting either the "red" or "blue" lines (with a semicolon!) you can switch the looks.
52From version 0.4.4 you can define the maximum width (`__content_width__`) of the page. All CSS distance units apply. The smallest possible value is 950 pixel (70em). The maximum value can be as high as you like. High values result in long lines on large monitors which can be hard to read.
54If you want to use another logo, prepare a picture with max dimension of 230 pixel width and 92 pixel height. Copy this picture into the image folder of the template. Edit the (activated) __yourlogo__ line in the style.ini accordingly.
56The template has six configuration options:
58* sidebar content can be either "file" or "index". This option controls the content of the sidebar. The default option is "index".
59  * file: Displays the content of a file in the sidebar. The file has to be named sidebar. You can define a sidebar for every namespace in your wiki. If a namespace contains no sidebar, the file from the namespace above will be used. If the file option is chosen and no sidebar file exists, the sidebar will remain empty.
60  * index: The sidebar contains the index of all pages in your wiki, alphabetically sorted. Namespaces are displayed as closed sublist that open if you open a page in the namespace. Sidebar pages are always excluded from the index.
61* clean index will remove the standard dokuwiki namespaces ('wiki' and 'playground') from the index if switched on (default: off) (for "index" sidebar content).
62* clean index of further namespaces comma separated list of namespaces to be removed from the index if "clean index" is switched on (default: empty) (for "index" sidebar content).
63* show edit button in sidebar: will show an edit button in the sidebar if you may edit the contents of the sidebar (default: on) (for "file" sidebar content)
64* show backlink button: will show a backlink button in the bottom bar (default: off)
65* show search box if logged in: will show a search box, if you are logged in (default: off)
67## Update
69Backup your DOKUWIKI_ROOT/lib/tpl/dokucms/style.ini. Unpack the file in DOKUWIKI_ROOT/lib/tpl/. This will overwrite the current template with the new version. Overwrite the delivered style.ini with your backup copy, if there were no changes to style.ini content. I will explicitly list style.ini changes in the changelog.
70Otherwise you will have to check for differences between your backup copy and the default style.ini. I recommend meld for that purpose.
72## Recommendation
74Clean the cache (DOKUWIKI_ROOT/data/cache) after installation or update of this template.
76## Browser compatibility
78This template works well with all current browsers that support HTML5 and CSS3.