1# About
3In this template I attempt a number of things:
5 * Make the layout of dokuwiki as simple as possible, striping it from any excess features I do not need, such as .discussions.. Simplyfying the layout further.
6 * Fully support Bootstrap 3, with http://bootswatch.com/default/ theme as default, though I prefer ``yeti`` better.
7 * My goal is to build a template in which I can easily publish my frequently used text's, commands, action plans etc for my friends a colleagues to use and add to.
9# Features
11* Back to basics, sharing knowledge and information between peers without collatoral.
12* Easily switch template visuals using pre-populated styles from http://bootswatch.com
13* Bootstrap 3 ready.
14* Automatic sidebar that scrolls along with you, collapsing / opening the main header of where you are in the page
15* Dokuwiki Menu functions out of sight, but just 2 clicks away.
17# Screenshots
191. [Big width](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/badeendjuh/dokubootstrap-yeti/master/screenshot_big_width.png)
202. [Medium width](https://raw.githubusercontent.com/badeendjuh/dokubootstrap-yeti/master/screenshot_small_width.png)
22# Installation from Github
24Do something like the following:
261. Install DokuWiki as you normally would. See
27   [DokuWiki.org](https://www.dokuwiki.org).
282. ```cd dokuwiki/lib/tpl```
293. ```mkdir dokubootstrapsimplified```
304. ```cd dokubootstrapsimplified```
315. ```git init```
326. ```git pull https://github.com/badeendjuh/dokubootstrap-simplified.git```
337. Using DokuWiki's admin interface, change the wiki's template to
34   dokubootstrap-simplified.
36# Customization
38From the Configuration Manager screen you can change to any of the available bootstrap themes on http://bootswatch.com/
40If however you want to substitute the library with your own bootsrap theme you need to be aware of the following files
42* css/
43    * bootstrap-<theme>.min.css
44    * modifications.css: place minor global modifications to the
45      bootstrap theme here. See included modifications.css, which enables the use of TOC sidebar.
46* js/
47    * bootstrap.min.js: compile all your desired plugins into a single
48      minimized javascript file. The included bootstrap.min.js is version 3.0.2 andincludes all
49      plugins.
50	* modifications.js: Contains all javascript additions, including some client-side fixing of markup, adding the scroll behavior to the TOC etc.
53# Warning
55This theme is hard-coded to use minified Bootstrap CSS and Bootstrap javascript.
57Tested with Dokuwiki "Binky" and "Ponder Stibbon".
59This theme is intended primarily for small sites that are modified by only a handfull of people. Effort has been made to make public facing things look nice, but non-public interfaces (e.g., edit interfaces, admin, configuration settings) may not have been updated and may appear ugly. These should still be functional.
61When making changes, please have a carefull look at js/modifications.js; it contains some client side fixing of markup, which could be done in the Dokuwiki core code, but that's to deep a change to be included in this template. The comments in the .js file should provide suffiecient clarification on the purpose of each statement.
63##  Bugs
65The only major ``bug`` that I am aware of is that, when attempting to upload a
66new file to the median manager, a file upload button might not appear.  Click on
67the words "select files..." and the file upload select box will appear.
70# DokuWiki Specifics
72This template supports the use of a ```nav.html``` file (a sample is included).
73Add any Wiki-wide links that you would like to, with each link being inside an
74li element. I tried adding support for a Wiki-based navigation page, instead of
75raw HTML, but due to how DokuWiki outputs lists, the output clashed with
76existing CSS and was unusable.
78This template does support a ```footer.html``` file, which will be output after
79the page information and site license.
81This template does support a ```meta.html``` file, which will be output right
82before the head element is closed.
84# Acknowledgements
86This theme started as a fork from https://github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap
87So big thanks to Ryan.
89Also, this template would not exists without http://getbootstrap.com and http://bootswatch.com
91# License
93This DokuWiki theme is based off of the [dokutwitterbootstrap Template](https://github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap), released
94under GPL v2.0. Therefore, this template is also released under that license.
96I've modified the template to make even more  use of Twitter Bootstrap
97code/functionality. Twitter Bootstrap is licensed under Apache License v2.0.
98According to http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-compatibility.html , the Free
99Software Foundation does not consider GPL2 to be compatible with Apache 2.0.
101I don't really know how much it matters to the average user. Consult a lawyer if you're worried about this potential incompatibility.