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1# Default Template
3This used to be the [default template for DokuWiki](http://dokuwiki.org/template:default) until 2012.
4It was designed by [Andreas Gohr](http://splitbrain.org) and also contributed to by the open source community.
5It was extracted from the core late 2013 and since then not actively maintained by the core developers anymore.
6Now the default template for dokuwiki [is called dokuwiki](http://dokuwiki.org).
8However me [desbest](http://desbest.com) have managed to add some minor changes to make it compatible with dokuwiki version 2018 Greebo.
10* Metadata is in template.info.txt
11* Under the GPL license (see copying file)
12* [More information](http://dokuwiki.org/template:default)
14![no longer default template screenshot](https://i.imgur.com/loAkjsa.png)