3 * english language file for the configuration manager
4 *
5 * @author      Michael Klier <chi@chimeric.de>
6 * @author      Mark C. Prins <mprins@users.sf.net>
7 */
9$lang['sidebar']                        = "Sidebar setup";
10$lang['pagename']                       = "Pagename to use for sidebars";
11$lang['trace']                          = "Show trace at the top of the page";
12$lang['main_sidebar_always']			= "Show main sidebar in every namespace";
13$lang['wiki_actionlinks']               = "Actionlink style";
14$lang['user_sidebar_namespace']         = "Namespace for user sidebars";
15$lang['group_sidebar_namespace']        = "Namespace for group sidebars";
16$lang['left_sidebar_order']             = "Left sidebar order (comma separated)";
17$lang['left_sidebar_content']           = "Content of the left sidebar";
18$lang['left_sidebar_content_other']     = "Other sidebars (comma separated)";
19$lang['right_sidebar_order']            = "Right sidebar order (comma separated)";
20$lang['right_sidebar_content']          = "Content of the right sidebar";
21$lang['right_sidebar_content_other']    = "Other sidebars (comma separated)";
22$lang['search']                         = "Position of the search field (applies only if 2 sidebars are used)";
23$lang['closedwiki']                     = "Closed Wiki (Navigation shows only the login link if not logged in)";
24$lang['hideactions']                    = "Hide all wiki actions to non logged in users";
25$lang['opengraphheading']               = "Add OpenGraph namespace prefixes to the head section";
27// vim:ts=4:sw=4:et:enc=utf-8: