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FeedZoteroRepository.phpH A D05-Feb-20163.4 KiB138112

ImportZoteroFeedReader.phpH A D05-Feb-20162.5 KiB10385

IniZoteroConfig.phpH A D05-Feb-2016245 1311

README.mdH A D05-Feb-2016953 2117

TextZoteroRepository.phpH A D05-Feb-20163.3 KiB146124

WebZoteroFeedReader.phpH A D05-Feb-2016705 3226

ZoteroConfig.phpH A D05-Feb-20163 KiB9682

ZoteroConfigException.phpH A D05-Feb-201657 44

ZoteroEntries.txt.distH A D05-Feb-201670 21

ZoteroEntry.phpH A D05-Feb-20162 KiB11094

ZoteroEntryNotFoundException.phpH A D05-Feb-201664 44

ZoteroFeedReader.phpH A D05-Feb-201660 66

ZoteroParserException.phpH A D05-Feb-201658 54

ZoteroRepository.phpH A D05-Feb-2016989 5441

config.ini.distH A D05-Feb-2016890 2421

importAllEntries.phpH A D05-Feb-2016718 2516

syntax.phpH A D05-Feb-20164 KiB181144

versionH A D05-Feb-20164 21


4Plugin for DokuWiki to display bibliography entries from Zotero.
91. Extract archive to `[DokuWikiRoot]/lib/plugins/zotero` or use the plugin
10   manager and point to http://f.macke.it/ZoteroPlugin for an automatic
11   installation.
122. Enter your Zotero username, key, and user ID into `config.ini`.
133. Create a new wiki page for the cached Zotero entries and enter its name
14   into `config.ini` (e.g. `zotero:sources`).
154. Enter your Zotero entries into the cache file (the newly created wiki page
16   or `ZoteroEntries.txt` if you don't want to use the wiki page). This can be
17   automated by calling `importAllEntries.php` from the command line.
185. If you cite a source that is not already in the cache, the plugin will
19   automatically download your latest Zotero entries and add them to the
20   cache. For this to work you have to set `autoupdating` in `config.ini` to `1`.