2  29 Nov
3  Removed some unsed code from keyboard.js, subsituted IE for IE6 when checking for
4  up and down arrow entities for top row buttons, started IE6 at size 3, since
5  the up and down arrows dont show up well at 2.
7  Added an insert function to keyboard.js which fixes problem with Firefox, i.e. returning
8  to top of editing window when entering text below the bottom boundary of the
9  editing window. This comes from http://www.scottklarr.com and is selected when
10  Firefox is active, while the greywyvern insert function is selected for all
11  other cases.
13  30 Nov
14  Added a toolbar button which initializes the keyboard and enables selection of
15  initial displayed language keyboard.
17  The toolbar button opens a pop-up where the language is selected from a drop-down
18  Select menu; on submit a new hidden input is created called 'vkb' which
19  is set to the value of the language selected.  This new input is then
20  appended to the dokuwiki form (dw__editform). When the Post-ed  name/value
21  is seen in action.php, a cookie named VKB is created with the name of the
22  language.  When this cookie is seen by action.php on the next edit access,
23  the virtual keyboard script goes to the browser and the virtual keyboard
24  is activiated.
26  1 Dec
27  Upgraded the pop-up window which opens when the toolbar button is clicked.
28    1. Added an "Exit" button which enables user to  exit and do nothing.
29    2. Added an "Unload Keyboard" button which removes the birtual keyboars
30    after the next Save or Cancel.  This adds a vkb value of "off:<lang>" to
31    the dokuwiki form (dw__editform') and the VKB cookie is re-set to a previous
32    date in action.php.
33    3. Added Language support
35  27 Sep 2015
36  Fixed bug which prevented pop-u[ selection window from opening
37  made keyboard draggable