3 * English language file for struct plugin
4 *
5 * @author Andreas Gohr, Michael Große <dokuwiki@cosmocode.de>
6 */
9$lang['menu'] = 'Struct Schema Editor';
10$lang['menu_assignments'] = 'Struct Schema Assignments';
12$lang['headline'] = 'Structured Data';
14$lang['page schema'] = 'Page Schema:';
15$lang['lookup schema'] = 'Lookup Schema:';
16$lang['edithl'] = 'Editing schema <i>%s</i>';
17$lang['create'] = 'Create new Schema';
18$lang['schemaname'] = 'Schema Name:';
19$lang['save'] = 'Save';
20$lang['createhint'] = 'Please note: schemas can not be renamed later';
21$lang['pagelabel'] = 'Page';
22$lang['rowlabel'] = 'Row #';
23$lang['revisionlabel'] = 'Last Updated';
24$lang['userlabel'] = 'Last Editor';
25$lang['summarylabel'] = 'Last Summary';
26$lang['summary'] = 'Struct data changed';
27$lang['export'] = 'Export Schema as JSON';
28$lang['btn_export'] = 'Export';
29$lang['import'] = 'Import a Schema from JSON';
30$lang['btn_import'] = 'Import';
31$lang['import_warning'] = 'Warning: this will overwrite already defined fields!';
33$lang['del_confirm'] = 'Enter schema name to confirm deletion';
34$lang['del_fail'] = 'Schema names did not match. Schema not deleted';
35$lang['del_ok'] = 'Schema has been deleted';
36$lang['btn_delete'] = 'Delete';
37$lang['js']['confirmAssignmentsDelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete the assignment of schema "{0}" to page/namespace "{1}"?';
39$lang['clear_confirm'] = 'Enter schema name to confirm clearing all data';
40$lang['clear_fail'] = 'Schema names did not match. Data not deleted';
41$lang['clear_ok'] = 'Data of schema has been deleted';
42$lang['btn_clear'] = 'Clear';
44$lang['tab_edit'] = 'Edit Schema';
45$lang['tab_export'] = 'Import/Export';
46$lang['tab_delete'] = 'Delete/Clear';
48$lang['editor_sort'] = 'Sort';
49$lang['editor_label'] = 'Field Name';
50$lang['editor_multi'] = 'Multi-Input?';
51$lang['editor_conf'] = 'Configuration';
52$lang['editor_type'] = 'Type';
53$lang['editor_enabled'] = 'Enabled';
54$lang['editor_editors'] = 'Comma separated list of users and @groups who may edit this schema\'s data (empty for all):';
56$lang['assign_add'] = 'Add';
57$lang['assign_del'] = 'Delete';
58$lang['assign_assign'] = 'Page/Namespace';
59$lang['assign_tbl'] = 'Schema';
61$lang['multi'] = 'Enter multiple values separated by commas.';
62$lang['multidropdown'] = 'Hold CTRL or CMD to select multiple values.';
63$lang['duplicate_label'] = "Label <code>%s</code> already exists in schema, second occurance was renamed to <code>%s</code>.";
65$lang['emptypage'] = 'Struct data has not been saved for an empty page';
67$lang['validation_prefix'] = "Field [%s]: ";
69$lang['Validation Exception Decimal needed'] = 'only decimals are allowed';
70$lang['Validation Exception Decimal min'] = 'has to be equal or greater than %d';
71$lang['Validation Exception Decimal max'] = 'has to be equal or less than %d';
72$lang['Validation Exception User not found'] = 'has to be an existing user. User \'%s\' was not found.';
73$lang['Validation Exception Media mime type'] = 'MIME type %s has to match the allowed set of %s';
74$lang['Validation Exception Url invalid'] = '%s is not a valid URL';
75$lang['Validation Exception Mail invalid'] = '%s is not a valid email address';
76$lang['Validation Exception invalid date format'] = 'must be of format YYYY-MM-DD';
77$lang['Validation Exception invalid datetime format'] = 'must be of format YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM';
78$lang['Validation Exception pastonly'] = 'must not lie in the future';
79$lang['Validation Exception futureonly'] = 'must not lie in the past';
80$lang['Validation Exception bad color specification'] = 'must be of format #RRGGBB';
82$lang['Exception illegal option'] = 'The option \'<code>%s</code>\' is invalid for this aggregation type.';
83$lang['Exception noschemas'] = 'There have been no schemas given to load columns from';
84$lang['Exception nocolname'] = 'No column name given';
85$lang['Exception nolookupmix'] = 'You can not aggregate more than one Lookup or mix it with Page data';
86$lang['Exception No data saved'] = 'No data saved';
87$lang['Exception no sqlite'] = 'The struct plugin requires the sqlite plugin. Please install and enable it.';
88$lang['Exception column not in table'] = 'There is no column %s in schema %s.';
90$lang['Warning: no filters for cloud'] = 'Filters are not supported for struct clouds.';
92$lang['sort'] = 'Sort by this column';
93$lang['next'] = 'Next page';
94$lang['prev'] = 'Previous page';
96$lang['none'] = 'Nothing found';
97$lang['csvexport'] = 'CSV Export';
99$lang['admin_csvexport'] = 'Export raw data to a CSV file';
100$lang['admin_csv_page'] = 'page';
101$lang['admin_csv_lookup'] = 'global';
102$lang['admin_csv_serial'] = 'serial';
103$lang['admin_csvexport_datatype'] = 'Export data of type';
104$lang['admin_csvimport'] = 'Import raw data from a CSV file';
105$lang['admin_csvimport_datatype'] = 'Import data of type';
106$lang['admin_csvdone'] = 'CSV file imported';
107$lang['admin_csvhelp'] = 'Please refer to the manual on CSV Import for format details.';
109$lang['tablefilteredby'] = 'Filtered by %s';
110$lang['tableresetfilter'] = 'Show all (remove filter/sort)';
111$lang['comparator ='] = 'equals';
112$lang['comparator <'] = 'is less than';
113$lang['comparator >'] = 'is greater than';
114$lang['comparator <='] = 'is less than or euqals';
115$lang['comparator >='] = 'is greater than or equals';
116$lang['comparator !='] = 'does not equal';
117$lang['comparator <>'] = 'does not equal';
118$lang['comparator !~'] = 'is not like';
119$lang['comparator *~'] = 'is like';
121$lang['Exception schema missing'] = "Schema %s does not exist!";
123$lang['no_lookup_for_page'] = 'You can\'t use the Lookup Editor on a page schema!';
124$lang['lookup new entry'] = 'Create new Entry';
125$lang['js']['actions'] = 'Actions';
126$lang['js']['lookup_delete'] = 'Delete Entry';
128$lang['bureaucracy_action_struct_lookup_thanks'] = 'The entry has been stored. <a href="%s">Add another entry</a>.';
130//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=4 :