3$lang['denied'] = 'Access Denied';
4$lang['lackingArgs'] = 'The required argument(s) is(are) empty.  Give the spammer\'s IP address, e-mail address, and user name.';
5$lang['lackingAPI'] = 'The API key is not set.  Get one from the Stop Forum Spam website and set it in Configuration Manager.';
6$lang['errorHappened'] = 'There was an error while accessing API of Stop Forum Spam.  The API responded:';
7$lang['curlError'] = 'There was an error while running curl_init.';
8$lang['submitted'] = 'The data was submitted successfully.';
9$lang['spammyelementreg'] = 'Could not create your account because your user name and(or) e-mail address seemed spammy.';
10$lang['listed'] = 'To prevent nuisance registration requests, the system temporarily added your IP address to the black list.  Please wait <b>%s minutes</b> until your IP address becomes unlisted.';
11$lang['beinglisted'] = 'Your IP address is temporarily in the black list, to prevent nuisance registration requests.  Please try again after <b>%s minutes</b>, your IP address will be unlisted by that time.';