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BackgroundStyle.phpH A D05-Apr-20232.5 KiB8444

CSVImporter.phpH A D05-Apr-20233.6 KiB10555

Color.phpH A D05-Apr-20235.1 KiB19482

ConversionHelpers.phpH A D05-Apr-20232.9 KiB10257

DataDescription.phpH A D05-Apr-20232.9 KiB12582

GDCanvas.phpH A D05-Apr-202323.6 KiB671554

GridStyle.phpH A D05-Apr-20231.6 KiB5831

ICanvas.phpH A D05-Apr-20232.6 KiB5524

Palette.phpH A D05-Apr-20233.4 KiB11658

PieChart.phpH A D05-Apr-202329.6 KiB760517

Point.phpH A D05-Apr-2023887 4127

READMEH A D05-Apr-2023699 1813

ScaleStyle.phpH A D05-Apr-20231.1 KiB5134

ShadowProperties.phpH A D05-Apr-20232.5 KiB8547

TestCanvas.phpH A D05-Apr-20234.2 KiB9963

pCache.phpH A D05-Apr-20233.3 KiB11455

pChart.phpH A D05-Apr-2023120 KiB3,3652,564

pData.phpH A D05-Apr-20237.9 KiB257144

palette.txtH A D05-Apr-202362 65


1This is the lib directory from a checkout of the PHP5 port of the pChart
21.x library. We can't use the pChart 2.x library because of unclear license
5For the same reasons we do not include the orginal fonts, but use the DroidSans
6font which is licensed under the Apache License.
8This seems to be the most up-to-date version of the library today (2014-06-19).
9When updating later, make sure to have a look at the current state of forks.
11This is how it looks like currently
14-> https://github.com/aweiland/pChart-php5
15   -> https://github.com/timmartin/pChart-php5
16      -> https://github.com/sebix/pChart/
17         -> https://github.com/splitbrain/pChart