xref: /plugin/sphinxsearch-was/INSTALL (revision 24:f509ff04d464)
1* Requirments
21. Sphinx Search (www.sphinxsearch.com)
32. SQLite (Plus the PHP SQLite extension. It is enabled by default as of PHP 5.)
6* Installation
71. Download latest sphinxsearch plugin package and unpack it into lib/plugins direcotory of your DokuWiki installation.
82. Run Sphinx Search indexer to index your DokuWiki data for the first time. Note: you have to run it from lib/plugins/sphinxsearch directory. e.g.:
9   $cd {Your_DokuWiki_Path}/lib/plugins/sphinxsearch
10   $indexer -c sphinx.conf dk_main
113. After indexer completes it's job, run searchd, e.g.:
12   $searchd -c sphinx.conf
13   By default searchd port is 3313, so make sure this port is free (if you have sphinx on other port, see #6).
144. Change the {Your_DokuWiki_Path}/tpl/default/main.php - locate the "tpl_searchform()" php function and replace it with "action_plugin_sphinxsearch::searchform()".
155. To have your search results up-to-date, setup cronjob to periodically re-index your DokuWiki files, e.g.:
16    1 10 * * * root {Your_DokuWiki_Path}/lib/plugin/sphinxsearch/indexer.php
176. You can fine-tune the search behavior by editing the configuration file conf/default.php
20* Troubleshooting
211. PHP allocate memory problem.
22This is solved by increasing PHP memory limit - you can use one of the following ways:
23   a) through php.ini
24        memory_limit = 1024M
25   b) through php script
26        ini_set('memory_limit', '1024M');
27   c) through .htaccess file
28        php_value memory_limit "1024M"