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Daniel Midgley.txtH A D02-Aug-2019836 2113

Font license - Daniel.pdfH A D02-Aug-2019244.1 KiB

README.mdH A D02-Aug-20191 KiB2416

daniel-demo.htmlH A D02-Aug-201937.7 KiB631509

daniel.ttfH A D02-Aug-201950.8 KiB

daniel.woffH A D02-Aug-201934.7 KiB

daniel.woff2H A D02-Aug-201930 KiB

daniel_400.font.jsH A D02-Aug-201972 KiB935910

daniel_700.font.jsH A D02-Aug-201969.6 KiB903878

daniel_black_900.font.jsH A D02-Aug-201988.5 KiB931906

danielbd-demo.htmlH A D02-Aug-201938.2 KiB638516

danielbd-original.ttfH A D02-Aug-201962.2 KiB

danielbd.ttfH A D02-Aug-201958.7 KiB

danielbd.woffH A D02-Aug-201937.4 KiB

danielbd.woff2H A D02-Aug-201933 KiB

danielbk-demo.htmlH A D02-Aug-201937.2 KiB621499

danielbk.ttfH A D02-Aug-201986.7 KiB

danielbk.woffH A D02-Aug-201955.5 KiB

danielbk.woff2H A D02-Aug-201948.1 KiB

generator_config.txtH A D02-Aug-2019550 54

stylesheet.cssH A D02-Aug-2019671 3622


1This directory contains the "Daniel" hand drawn font.
4It contains fonts in ttf format.
5	daniel.ttf   - Regular
6	danielbk.ttf - Black
7	danielbd.ttf - Bold
9The daniel bold font had a couple of mistakes
10	The backslash '\' character was drawn as a forward slash '/'.
11	The µ, π, Ω, ∂, ∏ and ∑ characters mapped to unrelated characters.
12	The , fi, fl were incorrectly mapped to 0xff00 though 0xff03.
14I (bramp) fixed the backslash issues by just flipping the character, and removed the other invalid mappings. This original font was saved as danielbd-original.ttf.
16Check out the test/font_test.html, to see all valid glyths.
18## Raphael
19For Raphael the TTF fonts were then converted to cufon format, using [this site](http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/).
21## Snap.svg
22Snap uses normal CSS styled fonts. In this case, I used [font squirell](http://www.fontsquirrel.com/tools/webfont-generator) to convert to daniel OTF fonts to WOFF/WOFF2 formats, which is supported across modern browsers.