1=== Quick Help ===
3On this page you can delete all outdated files and folders of your DokuWiki to
4reduce the space consumption on your web host. Simply copy/paste the content
5from [[https://raw.githubusercontent.com/splitbrain/dokuwiki/stable/data/deleted.files|GitHub: /dokuwiki/stable/data/deleted.files]] into the
6text area below. Folders, which are empty after remove of outdated files will be
7deleted also. Reading the [[doku>plugin:removeold|plugin description]] might
8help your understanding of the functionality and delivering plugin update
9information. \\
11We kindly want to remind that this plugin just works with the information provided
12within the textarea. It cannot check if these files are really obsolete. Here we
13rely on the infomation and good work provided by DokuWiki Core Development.