1With this admin panel you can do three things.
2    -  maintain the list of files which are currently using the quickstats syntax plugin, keeping it up-to-date;
3    -  make specific queries based on country, ip address, and Dokuwiki page names;
4    - download the Maxmind GeoLite2-City database into ''quickstats/GEOIP/vendor/GeoLite2-City'';
6For the maintenance panel, click on the **Update Quickstats Cache** button.  For the Query panel, click on the **Query Data** button.
7These are toggles and will both open and close their respective windows.  The **Query Info** button will re-open the Query Info panel which
8is displayed on first opening the Query Data panel and which can be closed with a button at the bottom of the Query Info panel.  The **Download DB** button will attempt to download the Maxmind database.