1This plugin facilitates renaming (i.e. moving) pages, saving as (i.e. saving a page
2under a new name without deleting the original) and creating new pages from templates.
4There are three syntax formats:
6        ~~SaveAS>newname~~
7        ~~MoveTO>newname~~'
8        ~~OpenAS>newname#template>newpagevars~~
10newname can be a namespace:pagename
12The SaveAS form will create a new page from the old page but leave the old page in tact.
14The MoveTO form will create a new page from the old page and delete the old page.  However,
15it will not delete the old page unless it is certain that the new page is in place, so that
16there is no danger of losing the old page.
18In this version all backlinks to the page being moved are updated to the page id of the new page.
20The plugin takes into consideration page locking. So, if a page with backlinks is currently in use,
21it is not updated until the user with the lock exits the page. The original page remains in place until
22all of the pages with backlinks have been updated. Once all backlinks have been updated,
23he original page is removed.
25The OpenAS form requires the newpagetemplate plugin.  The will open the page 'newname',
26using the specified template.   The current implementation of the OpenAS plugin
27assumes that all your templates will be found in the pagetemplates directory
28(i.e the :pagetemplates namespace).  The newpagevars element follows the format described
29on the newpagetemplate plugin page on Dokuiwiki.  Here is a sample:
31   ~~OpenAS>hello_temp#homepagetemplate>@HI@,HOWDY!;@BYE@,Good Bye~~
33This will open up the page :hello_temp, using the homepagetemplate (which is
34:pagetemplates:homepagetemplate) and it will fill in any of the substitution variables
35defined on the newpagetemplate plugin page, as well as the variables defined
36by newpagevar(which in this example are: @HI@ and @BYE@).