12003-07-21, version 0.6.5
2- soap_transport_http: SOAPAction header is quoted again, fixes problem w/ Weblogic Server
3- applied Jason Levitt patch for proper array serialization, fixes problem w/ Amazon shopping cart services
4- fixed null value serialization
5- applied patch from "BZC ToOn'S" - fixes wsdl serialization when no parameters
6- applied John's patch, implementing compression for the server
82003-07-22, version 0.6.5
9- soap_server: fixed bug causing charset encoding not to be passed to the parser
10- soap_fault: added default encoding to the fault serialization
11- soap_parser: changed the parser to pre-load the parent's result array when processing scalar values. This increases parsing speed.
132003-07-23, version 0.6.5
14- soap_base: fix code that overwrites user-supplied attributes in serialize_val
15- soap_base: use arrays-of-arrays rather than attempting multi-dimensional in serialize_val
16- xmlschema: emit import statements and qualify all elements with prefix in serializeSchema (better interop with validation tools)
17- soapclient: get xml character encoding from HTTP Content-Type header if provided, e.g. text/xml;charset="UTF-8"
18- soapclient: use headers in call if provided (previously ignored this parameter)
19- soap_server: in parse_request, if neither getallheaders nor $_SERVER are available, use $HTTP_SERVER_VARS to get SOAPAction and xml encoding
212003-07-24, version 0.6.5
22- soap_transport_http: apply patch from Steven Brown "if the server closes connection prematurely, nusoap would spin trying to read data that isn't there"
242003-07-25, version 0.6.5
25- wsdl: apply patch from Sven to workaround single schema limitation
26- wsdl: apply a variant of the patch from Holger to handle empty values for array by serializing an array with 0 elements
27- xmlschema: remove the redundant default namespace attribute on the schema element; everything in xsd is explicitly specified as being from xsd
28- soap_transport_http: fix setCredentials and add TODO comments in sendHTTPS about what to change if this setCredentials stays
302003-07-30, version 0.6.5
31- nusoap_base: change documentation of soap_defencoding to specify it is the encoding for outgoing messages
32- nusoap_base: only change &, <, > to entities, not all HTML entities
33- soap_transport_http: update the Content-Type header in sendRequest, since soap_defencoding could be changed after ctor is called
34- soap_server: use soap_defencoding instead of charset_encoding
35- soap_server: read encoding from _SERVER if available
36- nusoap_base: do entity translation for string parameters with an xsd type specified (thanks David Derr)
382003-07-31, version 0.6.5
39- soap_transport_http: add proxy authentication
40- soap_transport_http: build payload the same way for http and https
41- wsdl: add proxy authentication
42- soapclient: add proxy authentication
43- soapclient: allow proxy information in ctor, so that it can be used for wsdl
452003-08-01, version 0.6.5
46- soap_transport_http: close a persistent connection that's at EOF
47- soap_transport_http: prevent conflicts between setEncoding and usePersistentConnection
48- soap_transport_http: fix use of $headers instead of $this->incoming_headers in getResponse
49- soapclient: improve handling of persistent connections
50- soapclient: force xml_encoding to upper case
51- soap_server: let the Web server decide whether to close the connection (no Connection: close header)
52- soap_server: force xml_encoding to upper case
542003-08-04, version 0.6.5
55- soap_parser: use XML type information to pick a PHP data type; also decode base64
56- soap_server: read all HTTP headers when using _SERVER or HTTP_SERVER_VARS
57- soap_server: add gzip encoding support for outgoing messages
58- soap_transport_http: deflate is gzcompress/gzuncompress (cf. http://archive.develooper.com/libwww@perl.org/msg04650.html)
59- soap_transport_http: clean use of persistentConnection so it's always a set boolean
60- soapclient: add responseData member to access deflated/gunzipped payload
622003-08-05, version 0.6.5
63- soap_server: look multiple places when setting debug_flag
652003-08-07, version 0.6.5
66- nusoap_base: serialize specified type (e.g. ArrayOfString) even for simple array
67- wsdl: only specify encodingStyle in the input/output soap bindings when it is not empty (thanks Guillaume)
692003-08-15, version 0.6.5
70- soap_parser: fix parsing of elements with no XSD type specified
71- soap_parser: use PHP string type for XSD long and unsignedLong types
732003-08-16, version 0.6.5
74- soap_parser: fix code generating warning (thanks Torsten)
762003-08-19, version 0.6.5
77- soap_parser: fix another line of code generating a warning (thanks Torsten)
792003-08-22, version 0.6.5
80- soap_server: remove all '--' from debug_str; previous code changed '---' to '- --'
81- wsdl, soapclient, soap_parser: patch submitted by Mark Spavin as described by
82                                 the following...
83> Changes for the multiple/nested imports from the wsdl file. This builds an
84> array of files not just the last one and also checks for relative paths to
85> the parent. This will then get the imported files from the remote site
86> instead of your local disk. Local wsdl files should still work (untested).
88> Changes for multiple encoding sytles as previously posted
902003-08-24, version 0.6.5
91- wsdl, soapclient: fix some PHP notices from previous update
932003-08-26, version 0.6.5
94- wsdl: support multiple SOAP ports
95- soapclient, soap_server: when no charset is specified, use UTF-8, even though HTTP specifies US-ASCII.
96- soap_transport_http: do not prepend $host with 'ssl://' for https (is this required for older cURL versions?)
982003-08-27, version 0.6.5
99- soap_server: support compressed request messages (thanks John Huong)
100- soap_parser: deserialize Apache Vector as an array
101- xmlschema: use $this->typemap in getPHPType (which is not used)
102- soapclient, wsdl: check for WSDL errors after serializing parameters
103- nusoap_base: add serialization of Apache Map (when not using WSDL)
104- wsdl: add serialization of Apache Map (when using WSDL)
105- wsdl: only change &, <, > to entities, not all HTML entities
1072003-08-28, version 0.6.5
108- soap_transport_http: disable cURL verification of peer and server (formerly the cURL default)
109- soap_transport_http: mingle cURL code with straight http, so sendHTTP is no longer needed
1112003-08-29, version 0.6.6
112- soap_transport_http: add setContentType
113- soapclient: call setContentType using new getHTTPContentType and getHTTPContentTypeCharset
1152003-09-05, version 0.6.6
116- wsdl: add some more code to handle null/nil values (but there's still a way to go)
1182003-10-21, version 0.6.6
119- soap_transport_http: only include port in Host header if it was specified in the URL
120- soap_transport_http: add some code to use OpenSSL for PHP ssl:// scheme, but comment out since it's not ready
121- soap_server: use $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] if $GLOBALS['PHP_SELF'] is not set
122- wsdl: add WSDL request and response and transport debug to debug
123- wsdl: handle custom type extending xmlschema namespace (GLUE ... Thanks Matt)
124- soap_parser: add param to docs
125- soapclient: add getHTTPBody, getHTTPContentType, getHTTPContentTypeCharset (anticipating MIME subclass)
1272003-10-28, version 0.6.6
128- nusoap_base: add expandEntities method
129- wsdl: use expandEntities
130- soap_fault: use expandEntities
131- soap_transport_http: Allow credentials to be included in URL, rather than requiring setCredentials
132- soap_transport_http: Merge HTTP headers that span multiple lines
133- soap_parser: Properly set errors in ctor
134- soapclient: Pass headers to parseResponse and parse them in that method
1362003-10-30, version 0.6.6
137- xmlschema: Add some information for the related type to an element
1392003-12-09, version 0.6.6
140- nusoap_base: Add some namespace methods previously in xmlschema
141- xmlschema: Improve parsing of complexType, element and simpleType
142- xmlschema: Improve serialization
143- xmlschema: Track imports
144- xmlschema: Track elementFormDefault and form attributes
145- wsdl: Support multiple <schema> (note that setting $server->wsdl->schemaTargetNamespace no longer does anything!  Use configureWSDL instead.)
146- wsdl: Use form attribute of element to control namespace specification
147- wsdl: Support chained imports (A imports B which imports C)
148- wsdl: Include port in endpoint address when serializing
149- soap_server: Fix use of style (rpc|document) and use (encoded|literal)
150- soap_server: Support _SERVER[CONTENT_TYPE] in addition to _SERVER[HTTP_CONTENT_TYPE]
151- soap_server: Support wsdl with multiple <schema>
152- soap_client: Remove a var_dump
153- soap_client: Add style and use parameters to call method to support doc/lit without WSDL
154- soap_transport_http: Check that $this->fp exists when doing persistent connections
1562003-12-17, version 0.6.6
157- soap_server: pass namespaces to xmlschema constructor
158- wsdl: post-process after all imports
159- wsdl: remove some debug, add some error handling
160- xmlschema: allow enclosing namespaces to be specified in constructor
161- xmlschema: improve handling of compositors and simple types
1632004-01-08, version 0.6.6
164- soap_server: when requested WSDL is in a file, return to client using passthru (thanks Ingo Fischer)
165- soapclient: have proxy inherit more client state
166- soapclient: allow timeout and response timeout to be specified in the constructor
167- wsdl: allow timeout and response timeout to be specified in the constructor
168- soap_transport_http: allow response timeout to be specified in send and sendHTTPS
1702004-01-28, version 0.6.6
171- wsdl: add namespace for array and scalar when form is qualified
172- wsdl: fix a bug in which data type of complexType elements were ignored in serialization
173- wsdl: enhance handling of URLs with file scheme
174- wsdl: add addSimpleType
175- xmlschema: add addSimpleType
176- xmlschema: always set phpType elements
177- soapclient: allow a wsdl instance to be specified in constructor
178- soap_server: allow a wsdl instance to be specified in constructor (not tested!)
179- soap_server: fix default SOAPAction created in register method
180- soap_transport_http: accept chunking with LF separators in addition to CRLF.
181- wsdlcache: added class
182- nusoapmime: fix comments
1842004-02-23, version 0.6.6
185- soap_transport_http: don't try to unchunk cURL data, since cURL already does it
186- soap_transport_http: append CVS revision to version in User-Agent
187- wsdl: serialize boolean as true|false, not 1|0, to agree with XML Schema
188- soap_server: always exit() after returning WSDL
189- soap_server: use the WSDL URL scheme as the default endpoint URL scheme
190- soap_server: append CVS revision to version in X-SOAP-Server
191- nusoap_base: add (CVS) revision
192- wsdlcache: synchronize using a per-WSDL lock file (Thanks Ingo)
193- wsdlcache: add cache lifetime, after which cache contents are invalidated (Thanks Ingo)
1952004-03-15, version 0.6.6
196- nusoap_base: add isArraySimpleOrStruct method
197- soap_server: improve WSDL URL scheme determination
198- soap_server: only deflate/gzip payloads > 1024 bytes
199- soap_server: fix parameter order in fault method (always used as faultcode, faultstring)
200- soap_server: refactor parse_request into multiple functions (for sanity)
201- soap_server: set the namespace on the Response element to the same as the request
202- soap_server: name the return value element 'return' by default
203- soap_server: added and documented data fields, so that service programmers can use them if desired
204- soap_parser: standardize parsing error message
205- soap_parser: fix document and responseHeaders so they are the correct XML text (as documented)
206- soap_transport_http: fix read from persistent connection
207- soapclient: clean up debugging for persistent connection
208- wsdl: enforce correct naming of messages parts when an associative array is used for parameters
209- wsdl: better serialization of null values
210- wsdl: standardize parsing error message
211- xmlschema: standardize parsing error message
2132004-03-24, version 0.6.7
214- soap_transport_http: add digest authentication (based on code by Kevin A. Miller)
215- xmlschema: improve parsing of import elements
216- wsdl: do schema imports even if there are no wsdl imports
2182004-04-12, version 0.6.7
219- wsdl: serialize multiple elements when maxOccurs="unbounded" and value is an array
220- wsdl: serialize soapval values (used to force an XML type, e.g. when WSDL uses an abstract type)
221- nusoapmime: do not require nusoap.php (it is now the programmer's responsibility)
2232004-04-21, version 0.6.7
224- soap_parser: parse repeated element name into an array (de-serializes doc/lit array into a PHP array when there is more than 1 array element)
225- soap_server: do not wrap response in a response element for a document style service
2272004-04-30, version 0.6.7
228- soap_transport_http: allow digest auth params to be separated by "," as well as ", "
229- soap_transport_http: re-initialize incoming headers for each response
230- soap_server: add methodreturnisliteralxml property to allow service function to return XML as a string
231- soapclient: improve rpc/literal support
232- soapclient: allow XML string as call params in addition to array
233- soapclient: support document style and literal encoding when not using WSDL
2352004-05-05, version 0.6.7
236- wsdl: serialize PHP objects for WSDL XML Schema complexTypes, in addition to associative arrays
237- wsdl: fix WSDL generation when there is no encodingStyle
238- soap_transport_http: suppress fsockopen warnings
239- soap_transport_http: detect socket timeouts when reading (0 bytes returned)
240- soap_transport_http: read chunked content "in-line" so it works on a persistent connection
241- nusoap_base: serialize boolean as true|false, not 1|0, to agree with XML Schema
242- nusoap_base: serialize array of struct differently than array of array
2442004-06-25, version 0.6.8
245- soap_server: prefer gzip to deflate, since IE does not like our deflate
246- soap_server: move webDescription to the wsdl class
247- soap_server: allow class and instance method calls for service (thanks Ingo Fischer and Roland Knall)
248- wsdl: get webDescription from the soap_server class
249- wsdl: allow compression from the server
250- wsdl: fix serialization of soapval without a type
251- wsdl: propagate debug value from query string to SOAP endpoint in programmatic WSDL generation
252- nusoap_base: add anyType, anySimpleType for 2001 XML Schema
253- nusoap_base: provide additional debug functions
254- soap_transport_http: ignore Content-Length when chunked encoding is used
255- soap_transport_http: remove ':' from username for Basic authentication (cf. RFC 2617)
256- soap_transport_http: urldecode username and password taken from URL
257- soap_transport_http: use raw inflate/deflate for IE/IIS compatibility, rather than having Zlib headers according to HTTP 1.1 spec
258- soap_transport_http: attempt to handle the case when both the service application and Web server compress the response
259- soapclient: when creating proxy methods, replace '.' in operation name with '__' in function name
260- soapclient: initialize requestHeaders in proxy
261- general: use new debug methods; never access debug_str directly
2632004-09-30, version 0.6.8
264- soapclient: do not allow getProxy call when WSDL is not used
265- soapclient: use ISO-8859-1 as the charset if not specified in the Content-Type header
266- soapclient: when an empty string is specified for the call namespace, do not put the method element in a namespace
267- soapclient: let soap_transport_http check for SSL support
268- soapclient: have proxy inherit soap_defencoding from the client from which it is generated
269- soapclient: do not assume that 'ns1' is an unused namespace prefix; always generate namespace prefixes randomly
270- soap_parser: compare any encoding in the XML declaration to the charset from the HTTP Content-Type header (thanks Ingo Fischer)
271- soap_parser: improve parse repeated element name into an array (de-serializes doc/lit array into a PHP array when there is more than 1 array element)
272- soap_server: use ISO-8859-1 as the charset if not specified in the Content-Type header
273- soap_server: allow suppression of automatic UTF-8 decoding
274- soap_server: fix a bug when call_user_func_array() is used
275- soap_transport_http: correct digest authentication through a proxy
276- wsdl: serialize SOAP-ENC types similarly to XSD types
277- xmlschema: force unprefixed type into default namespace
278- xmlschema: fix serialization of definition of simple types
2802004-10-01, version 0.6.8
281- soap_parser: handle default namespace attributes
282- soap_server: add default_utf8 field
283- soap_server: support literal encoding (with RPC style)
284- soap_transport_http: parse HTTP status and generate error for 300, 302-307, 400, 401-417, 501-505 (thanks for the idea Ghislain)
285- soap_transport_http: follow HTTP redirection (HTTP status 301 and Location header) (thanks for the idea Ghislain)
286- xmlschema: allow any attributes to be specified in an element of a complexType, e.g., abstract, default, form, minOccurs, maxOccurs, nillable (thanks Jirka Pech for the original patch)
2882004-10-02, version 0.6.8
289- soapclient: read/write cookies (thanks Ingo)
290- soap_server: change faultcode on non-resendable faults to Client
291- soap_transport_http: read/write cookies (thanks Ingo)
2932004-10-05, version 0.6.8
294- wsdl: add addElement method
295- wsdl: support the document style in the register method
296- xmlschema: parse unnamed simpleTypes, rather than ignoring them
297- xmlschema: include untyped elements when parsing a complexType
298- xmlschema: add addElement method
3002004-10-14, version 0.6.8
301- soapclient: support client certificates
302- soap_parser: deserialize attributes, prefixing names with "!"
303- soap_server: notify the client with HTML when WSDL is requested but not supported by service
304- soap_transport_http: support client certificates
305- wsdl: support defaults for elements of a complexType
306- wsdl: serialize elements from complexType extension base
307- wsdl: serialize data (associative array elements) as attributes according to XML Schema
308- xmlschema: record extension base if present for a complexType
3102004-12-15, version 0.6.8
311- nusoap_base: add 2000 XML Schema (rare, but used by Akamai)
312- soap_parser: avoid deserializing more common attributes that are not data
313- soap_parser: be lax when HTTP specifies ISO-8859-1 (the default) and XML specifies UTF-8 (the norm)
314- soap_server: account for the fact that get_class_methods returns methods in all lower case (thanks Steve Haldane)
315- soap_transport_http: parse digest info that includes '=' in the data (thanks Jinsuk Kim)
316- wsdl: feably handle some cases for literal serialization of form="unqualified" elements
317- wsdl: don't serialize the decimal portion of a PHP double when the XML type is long
318- wsdl: fix serialization of attributes for complexType that is an extension
319- wsdlcache: enhance diagnostics
320- xmlschema: handle untyped elements
321- xmlschema: handle WSDL for SOAP Array that uses the base attribute plus a sequence of element
3232005-01-22, version 0.6.8
324- wsdl: allow an element in one schema to have a type from another schema
3262005-01-24, version 0.6.8
327- xmlschema: correctly parse nested complexType definitions
3292005-02-14, version 0.6.8
330- nusoap_base: fix a bug in which attributes were sometimes not serialized with a value
331- nusoap_base: improve serialization of null values (thanks Dominique Stender)
332- soap_parser: parse null values by handling the nil attribute (thanks Dominique Stender)
333- soap_server: set character encoding for a fault to be the same as for the server (thanks Mark Scott)
334- soap_server: correctly check for null value returned from method when WSDL is used (without WSDL, cannot distinguish whether NULL or void return is desired)
335- soapclient: for document style, call should always return an array rooted at the response part (all bets are off when there are multiple parts)
336- xmlschema: save enumeration values parsed from WSDL
3382005-02-10, version 0.6.9
339- soapclient: only set SOAP headers when they are specified in call params (so setHeaders still works)
3412005-04-04, version 0.6.9
342- soap_server: use get_class instead of is_a (thanks Thomas Noel)
343- soapclient: use get_class instead of is_a (thanks Thomas Noel)
344- soapclient: add setEndpoint method
345- soap_transport_http: fix client certificates (thanks Doug Anarino and Eryan Eriobowo)
3472005-04-29, version 0.6.9
348- nusoap_base: add global variable and methods for setting debug level
349- nusoap_base: use xsd:anyType instead of xsd:ur-type to serialize arrays with multiple element types (thanks Ingo Fischer)
350- nusoap_base: expand entities in attributes (thanks Gaetano Giunta)
351- soapclient: call parent constructor
352- soapval: call parent constructor
353- soap_fault: call parent constructor
354- soap_parser: call parent constructor
355- soap_server: assume get_class_methods always returns lower case for PHP 4.x only
356- soap_server: call parent constructor
357- soap_transport_http: do nothing in setEncoding if gzdeflate is not present (thanks Franck Touanen for pointing this out)
358- soap_transport_http: fix check for server request for digest authentication (thanks Mark Spavin)
359- soap_transport_http: call parent constructor
360- wsdl: fix documentation page popup of one method after another (thanks Owen)
361- wsdl: call parent constructor
362- wsdl: expand entities in attributes (thanks Gaetano Giunta)
363- xmlschema: call parent constructor
3652005-06-03, version 0.6.9
366- nusoap_base: serialize empty arrays as having elements xsd:anyType[0]
367- nusoap_base: add encodingStyle parameter to serializeEnvelope
368- nusoap_base: serialize xsi:type with nil values
369- nusoap_base: improve debug and comments
370- soap_parser: correctly parse an empty array to an empty array, not an empty string
371- soap_parser: improve debug and comments
372- soap_server: specify encodingStyle for envelope when WSDL is used
373- soapclient: factor out new getProxyClassCode method
374- soapclient: specify encodingStyle for envelope
375- soapclient: improve debug and comments
376- wsdl: add namespace for Apache SOAP types if a variable of such type is serialized
377- wsdl: serialize nil value for nillable elements when no value is provided
378- wsdl: serialize xsi:type with nil values
379- wsdl: copy attributes as well as elements to an element from its complexType
380- wsdl: specify encodingStyle for operations
381- wsdl: improve debug and comments
382- xmlschema: improve debug and comments
3842005-06-03, version 0.7.0
385- nusoap_base: improve debug and comments
386- nusoap_base: fix version, which should have been 0.7.0 since 2005-03-04
3882005-06-06, version 0.7.1
389- nusoap_base: adjust numeric element names for serialization, instead of forcing them to 'soapVal'
390- nusoapmime: add type=text/xml to multipart/related (thanks Emmanuel Cordonnier)
391- soap_fault: fix serialization of detail
392- soap_server: check required parameters for register method
393- soap_server: when getallheaders is used, massage header names
394- soap_server: use SOAPAction to determine operation when doc/lit service does not wrap parameters in an element with the method name (thanks Peter Hrastnik)
395- soap_transport_http: correctly handle multiple HTTP/1.1 100 responses for https (thanks Jan Slabon)
396- wsdl: fixed documentation for addComplexType (thanks Csintalan �d�m)
397- wsdl: serialize array data when maxOccurs = 'unbounded' OR maxOccurs > 1 (thanks Dominique Schreckling)
398- wsdl: when serializing a string == 'false' as a boolean, set the value to false
399- wsdl: when serializing a complexType, require the PHP value supplied to be an array
4012005-07-01, version 0.7.1
402- nusoap_base: Allow SOAP headers to be supplied as an array like parameters
403- soap_parser: de-serialize simpleContent that accompanies complexContent
404- soap_server: append debug information when programmatically-defined WSDL is returned
405- soap_transport_http: Add debug when an outgoing header is set
406- soapclient: Allow SOAP headers to be supplied as an array like parameters
407- xmlschema: serialize attributes more generally, rather than assuming they are for SOAP 1.1 Array
408- wsdl: when serializing, look up types by namespace, not prefix (simple programmatic doc/lit WSDL now seems to work)
409- wsdl: process namespace declarations first when parsing an element
4112005-07-27, version 0.7.1
412- nusoap_base: do not override supplied element name with class name when serializing an object in serialize_val
413- nusoap_base: remove http://soapinterop.org/xsd (si) from namespaces array
414- nusoapmime: add nusoapservermime class to implement MIME attachments on the server
415- soap_fault: improve documentation
416- soap_server: improve documentation
417- soap_server: make consistent use of _SERVER and HTTP_SERVER_VARS
418- soap_server: make all incoming HTTP header keys lower case
419- soap_server: add hook functions to support subclassing for MIME attachments
420- soap_transport_http: remove an unnecessary global statement
421- soapclient: when creating a proxy, make $params within each function an associative array
422- soapval: improve documentation
423- wsdl: when serializing complexType elements, used typed serialization if there is either a type or a reference for the element
424- wsdl: allow PHP objects to be serialized as SOAP structs in serializeType
425- wsdl: for WSDL and XML Schema imports, don't forget to use the TCP port number (thanks Luca GIOPPO)
426- wsdl: make consistent use of _SERVER and HTTP_SERVER_VARS
427- xmlschema: improve documentation
4292005-07-31, version 0.7.2
430- nusoap_base: correctly serialize attributes in serialize_val (thanks Hidran Arias)
431- soap_parser: when resolving references, do not assume that buildVal returns an array (thanks Akshell)
432- soap_parser: removed decode_entities, which does not work (thanks Martin Sarsale)
433- soap_server: fix a bug parsing headers from _SERVER and HTTP_SERVER_VARS (thanks Bert Catsburg)
434- soap_server: parse all "headers" from HTTP_SERVER_VARS (not just HTTP_*)
435- soap_server: use PHP_SELF instead of SCRIPT_NAME for WSDL endpoint
436- soap_server: when generating a fault while debug_flag is true, put debug into faultdetail
437- wsdl: add enumeration parameter to addSimpleType
438- xmlschema: add enumeration parameter to addSimpleType
4402006-02-02, version 0.7.2
441- soapclient: initialize paramArrayStr to improve proxy generation
442- soap_parser: handle PHP5 soapclient's incorrect transmission of WSDL-described SOAP encoded arrays.
443- soap_server: don't assume _SERVER['HTTPS'] is set; try HTTP_SERVER_VARS['HTTPS'] if it is not
444- soap_server: "flatten out" the parameter array to call_user_func_array (thanks Andr� Mamitzsch)
445- soap_server: make thrown exceptions conform to specs
446- wsdl: use serialize_val to serialize an array when the XSD type is soapenc:Array (JBoss/Axis does this)
447- wsdl: change formatting of serialized XML for the WSDL
448- xmlschema: change formatting of namespaces when serializing XML for the schema
4502006-04-07, version 0.7.2
451- soap_server: if methodparams is not an array, call call_user_func_array with an empty array (thanks Eric Grossi)
452- wsdl: distinguish parts with element specified from those with type specified by suffixing element names with ^
453- wsdl: do a case-insensitive match on schema URI when looking for type
454- xmlschema: only get element (not type) when name has ^ suffix
4562006-05-16, version 0.7.2
457- soapclient: add getHeader to get parsed SOAP Header
458- soap_parser: check status when receiving Header or Body element
459- soap_parser: add soapheader
460- soap_server: add requestHeader with parsed SOAP Header
4622006-06-15, version 0.7.2
463- wsdl: fix bug in addComplexType (thanks Maarten Meijer)
464- soap_transport_http: change cURL message
4662007-03-19, version 0.7.2
467- soapclient: declare as nusoapclient, then also subclass soapclient if SOAP extension not loaded
468- soapclientmime: declare as nusoapclientmime, then also subclass soapclientmime if SOAP extension not loaded
4702007-03-28, version 0.7.2
471- nusoap_base: fix serialization of a soapval when its value is a soapval
472- soapval: fix serialization of a soapval when its value is a soapval
473- soapval: add __toString (cf. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.nusoap.general/2776)
474- nusoapclient: use lazy retrieval of WSDL instead of always getting it in the constructor
475- nusoapclient: fix getProxy that was broken in last revision
476- wsdl: add ability to set authorization credentials and retrieve WSDL outside of constructor
4782007-04-05, version 0.7.2
479- nusoapclientmime: don't rely exclusively on Content-Disposition to distinguish the root part from attachment; also check Content-Type (thanks Ben Bosman)
480- nusoapclientmime: obey RFC 2045 Section 5.1 (thanks Chris Butler)
481- nusoapservermime: don't rely exclusively on Content-Disposition to distinguish the root part from attachment; also check Content-Type (thanks Ben Bosman)
482- nusoapservermime: obey RFC 2045 Section 5.1 (thanks Chris Butler)
483- nusoap_base: remove extra whitespace from some XML elements
484- nusoap_base: allow SOAP headers to be specified as an associative array (thanks Unique)
485- nusoap_base: implement __toString
486- nusoap_base: improve doc accuracy and consistency (thanks Martin K?gler)
487- iso8601_to_timestamp: avoid problem with negative hours after calculation, etc. (thanks Guntram Trebs)
488- nusoapclient: support user-settable cURL options (thanks Ciprian Popovici)
489- nusoapclient: call SOAP 1.2 binding operations if no SOAP 1.1 present (there is no reason to believe this will always work!)
490- nusoapclient: improve doc accuracy and consistency (thanks Martin K?gler)
491- soap_server: don't try to use eval to call function when any parameter is an object
492- soap_server: don't print return value within debug string; returned objects would need __toString in PHP 5.2
493- soap_server: use URL scheme for WSDL access as the scheme in SOAPAction
494- soap_server: strip port number from server name (some FastCGI implementations include port in server name)
495- soap_transport_http: support user-settable cURL options (thanks Ciprian Popovici)
496- soap_transport_http: use cURL for NTLM authentication
497- soap_transport_http: make digest authentication work for GET as well as POST
498- soap_transport_http: improve doc accuracy and consistency (thanks Martin K?gler)
499- soapval: remove __toString
500- wsdl: set operation style if necessary, but do not override one already provided (thanks Raffaele Capobianco)
501- wsdl: check SOAP 1.2 binding operations if no SOAP 1.1 present
502- wsdl: improve doc accuracy and consistency (thanks Martin K?gler)
503- xmlschema: fix simpleType serialization
504- xmlschema: improve doc accuracy and consistency (thanks Martin K?gler)
5062007-04-09, version 0.7.2
507- nusoapclient: set decode_utf8 when creating a proxy (thanks Dmitri Dmitrienko)
508- nusoapclient: rename class to nusoap_client
509- soap_fault: also provide a class named nusoap_fault
510- soap_parser: also provide a class named nusoap_parser
511- soap_server: also provide a class named nusoap_server
512- soap_transport_http: skip HTTP responses 301 and 401 when using cURL
513- soap_transport_http: don't force HTTP Connection header when using cURL
514- soap_transport_http: don't set HTTP Host and Content-Length headers when using cURL
515- soap_transport_http: support CURLOPT_SSLCERTPASSWD (thanks David Blanco)
516- wsdl: support user-settable cURL options (thanks Ciprian Popovici)
517- wsdl: serialize parameters for non-SOAP 1.1 binding operations (there is no reason to believe this will always work!)
518- xmlschema: also provide a class named nusoap_xmlschema
519- nusoapclientmime: rename class to nusoap_client_mime
520- nusoapservermime: rename class to nusoap_server_mime
5222007-04-11, version 0.7.2
523- nusoap_client: enable cURL usage to be forced (thanks Giunta Gaetano)
524- soap_transport_http: enable cURL proxy usage (thanks Giunta Gaetano)
525- soap_transport_http: enable cURL usage to be forced (thanks Giunta Gaetano)
526- soap_transport_http: use cURL's HTTP authentication options for basic, digest
527- wsdl: enable cURL usage to be forced (thanks Giunta Gaetano)
5292007-04-12, version 0.7.2
530- nusoap_client: add debug
531- nusoap_xmlschema: don't add elements of complexTypes to elements array (thanks Heiko Hund)
532- soap_transport_http: set cURL connection timeout if supported
533- soap_transport_http: add debug when setting cURL option
534- soap_transport_http: fix digest authentication broken in previous revision
535- wsdl: add debug
536- wsdlcache: address some issues with non-existing cache-files and PHP Warnings which came in such cases (thanks Ingo Fischer)
537- wsdlcache: change class name to nusoap_wsdlcache
5392007-04-13, version 0.7.2
540- wsdl: wrap parameters if unwrapped values are supplied and WSDL specifies Microsoft-style wrapping
5422007-04-16, version 0.7.2
543- nusoap_base: avoid warning in getDebugAsXMLComment
544- nusoap_client: small debug change
545- nusoap_client_mime: set responseData when the root part is found
5472007-04-17, version 0.7.2
548- soap_transport_http: improve detection of undefined cURL options (thanks Ingo Fischer)
5502007-05-28, version 0.7.2
551- soap_transport_http: support digest authentication opaque feature (cf. RFC 2617) (thanks Daniel Lacroix)
552- soap_transport_http: check safe_mode and open_basedir before setting CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION
553- soap_transport_http: skip "HTTP/1.0 200 Connection established" header when cURL returns it (thanks Raimund Jacob)
554- nusoap_client: improve handling when getProxy is called and WSDL is not being used
555- nusoap_base: add comments about which specifications are used/implemented by NuSOAP
556- nusoap_xmlschema: create names for unnamed types that are unique by scope within XML Schema
5582007-06-11, version 0.7.2
559- wsdl: wrap return value if unwrapped value is supplied and WSDL specifies Microsoft-style wrapping
5612007-06-22, version 0.7.2
562- nusoap_xmlschema: fix serialization of simpleType restriction (thanks Rizwan Tejpar)
5642007-07-30, version 0.7.2
565- nusoap_server: Per http://www.ws-i.org/Profiles/BasicProfile-1.1-2004-08-24.html R2735, rpc/literal accessor elements should not be in a namespace (thanks Kostas Kalevras)
566- nusoap_client: Per http://www.ws-i.org/Profiles/BasicProfile-1.1-2004-08-24.html R2735, rpc/literal accessor elements should not be in a namespace (thanks Kostas Kalevras)
5682007-10-21, version 0.7.2
569- nusoap_server: Per http://www.ws-i.org/Profiles/BasicProfile-1.1-2004-08-24.html R2735, rpc/literal accessor elements should not be in a namespace (thanks Kostas Kalevras)
570- nusoap_client: Per http://www.ws-i.org/Profiles/BasicProfile-1.1-2004-08-24.html R2735, rpc/literal accessor elements should not be in a namespace (thanks Kostas Kalevras)
5722007-10-26, version 0.7.2
573- nusoap_server: Fix munging of _SERVER variables that start with HTTP_ (thanks Thomas Wieczorek)
5752007-10-30, version 0.7.2
576- nusoap_xmlschema: Serialize values for elementFormDefault, attributeFormDefault
577- wsdl: Improve consistency between doc/lit schema auto-wrapping and client's parsed schema
578- nusoap_server: Correct bug that placed encodingType in Envelope for doc/lit
579- nusoap_server: Specify elementFormDefault for schema within doc/lit wsdl
5812007-10-31, version 0.7.2
582- wsdl: Fix typo in parametersMatchWrapped (thanks Sam Stepanyan)
583- soap_transport_http: Fix three typos in setProxy (thanks Sam Stepanyan)
584- nusoap_xmlschema: Fix typo in serializeTypeDef (thanks Sam Stepanyan)