1LaTeX-rendering plugin for dokuwiki.
2Based on class.latexrender.php from Benjamin Zeiss, converted to
3Dokuwiki by Alexander 'E-Razor' Krause, extended by Michael Boyle,
4and extended again by Mark Lundeberg.
6This plugin requires a LaTeX installation, and ImageMagick to convert
7PS files into images. ImageMagick, in turn, requires Ghostscript.
9PHP safe mode will almost always break the plugin.
11Adds the following syntax to DokuWiki:
12    $$...$$ syntax for displayed LaTeX-math [ddollar]
13    \begin{displaymath} ... \end{displaymath} syntax [displaymath]
14    $...$ syntax for inline LaTeX-math [dollar]
15    \begin{eqnarray} ... \end{eqnarray} syntax [eqnarray]
16    \begin{eqnarray*} ... \end{eqnarray*} syntax [eqnarraystar]
17    \begin{equation} ... \end{equation} syntax [equation]
18    \begin{equation*} ... \end{equation*} syntax [equationstar]
19    <latex>...</latex> syntax for inline LaTeX (non-math-mode) [latex]
21More info at http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:latex