1## Submitting issues
3### Test case required
5**All bug reports and problem issues require a jsFiddle**.
6[Please fork this JSFiddle as a baseline](http://jsfiddle.net/simeydotme/fmo50w7n/).
8+ A test case clearly demonstrates the bug or issue.
9+ It contains the bare minimum HTML, CSS, and JavaScript required to demonstrate the bug.
10+ Assets are not minified (we cannot debug .min.js files).
11+ A link to your production site is **not** a reduced test case.
13Providing a test case is the best way to get your issue addressed. Without a test case; your issue may be closed.
14You must provide a clear and simple way to reproduce the issue with the provided fiddle.
16## Support
18Although Slick is designed to be super easy to use, there's always things that can go wrong, especially when interacting with other plugins and complicated websites. If you are **having problems getting Slick to work**, or can't figure something out, **this repository**'s issues section **is not the place to ask about it**.
20I have set up a subreddit for Slick discussion at [reddit.com/r/slickcarousel](http://www.reddit.com/r/slickcarousel/).
21And a gitter chatroom here: [gitter.im/kenwheeler/slick](https://gitter.im/kenwheeler/slick)
23Please use these forums as an area to discuss Slick and any issues you may have.
25## Feature Requests
27If you would like to request or propose a feature, please do so in the the Slick subreddit or gitter chat:
28[reddit.com/r/slickcarousel](http://www.reddit.com/r/slickcarousel/) / [gitter.im/kenwheeler/slick](https://gitter.im/kenwheeler/slick).
30## Pull requests
32**Contributions are welcome**! That said, please *be prepared to edit* your pull request at request, and provide a jsFiddle of your fork working interoperably with every "mode" that Slick supports, and with varying numbers of slides, slidesToShow & slidesToScroll. Failure to do so will result in your pull request being closed.
34*Please note that while Slick is open source, this is still my baby, and by submitting a pull request you are authorizing me to edit or modify it in any way shape or form. You will be listed in Github as a contributor, but I have and will continue to steer the direction of this project.*