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1FlowPlayer Version history
40.9     Initial public release. All basic features are in place.
60.9.1   Added 'autoPlay' variable that can be used to specify whether the
7        playback should begin immediately when the player has been loaded into
8        the Web browser.
100.9.2   Bug fixes.
120.9.3   Added new 'bufferLength' variable that can be used in the HTML page to
13        specify the length of the buffer in seconds when streaming FLV. Fixed a
14        bug that prevented playback after an FLV was completely played.
160.9.4   Added a 'baseURL' variable that can be used to specify the location of
17        the video file to be loaded by Player.swf. See Player.html for an
18        example.
20        If the 'videoFile' variable's value contains a '.flv' or '.swf'
21        extension, the standalone player (Player.swf) will NOT append this based
22        on the detected flash version. If a prefix is not present, the player
23        always appends either one of these prefixes.
26	- Displays a "BUFFERING..." text when filling the video buffer.
27	- Fixed playback of the start and the end of the video where the player
28	  was errorneously cutting off some of the video.
29	- Added a new start() function to the FlowPlayer class.
30	- Fixed Sample.fla
33    - Added ability to loop; Contains a new toggle button to control looping.
34      Default looping state is defined in 'loop' parameter. Thanks Jeff Wagner
35      for contributing the initial looping support.
36    - Now resizes according to the size defined in the HTML page
37    - Fixed some flaws in the graphics
38    - The color of the progress bar is now gray by default (more neutral). The
39      color can be customized by parameters.
40    - Removed support to play videos in SWF format.
43    - Added a 'autoBuffering' option and welcome image support.
44    - Added a 'hideContols' option to hide all buttons and other widgets and
45      leaving only the video display showing.
46    - Added support for welcome images
47    - Most of the UI is now built dynamically with ActionScript instead of using
48      pre-drawn images. This results in 50% smaller download size.
51	- Fixed binary build that contained an old buggy FlowPlayer.swf
54    - Fixed resizing problem that occurred with Internet Explorer: The video was
55      not resized when the page was refreshed.
58	- Removed the blue the background color of the player. The light blue color
59	  became visible when using only the obect-tag to embed the player into a page.
60	  By using only the object tag it's possible to author valid XHTML. The sample
61	  FlowPlayer.html now shows this kind of markup.
64	- Support for playlists
65	- Extenal configuration file that enables configuring all the existing
66	  settings. All settings defined in this configuration file can be
67	  overridden using flashvars in the HTML object tag.
68	- Basic skinning support: Images for all buttons (play, pause, looping
69	  toggle, and dragger) can be loaded from external JPG files. Smaller
70	  versions of the default buttons are provided as an example.
71	  FlowPlayerLiht.swf is meant to be used with skinning: it does not contain
72	  any button images in itself and therefore is slightly smaller in download
73	  size.
74	- 'hideBorder' option
75	- visual improvement of control buttons
76	- dragging can be now done by clicking anywhere in the progress bar area
77	- clicking on the video area pauses and resumes playback
78	- scaling the splash image is now optional. Alternatively it can be centered
79	  into the video area.
80	- removed the border surrounding the video area
81	- plus some more minor changes
82	Bug fixes:
83	- Seeking using the dragger button is more accurate. Now it is possible to
84	  seek to the very beginning of a clip.
87	Bug fixes:
88	- Does not buffer unnessessarily if looping through one clip again and again
89	- Playback can be started normally again when the clip is done and looping
90	is off. There was a bug that prevented this.
91	- Clicking on the video area did not start playing if splash not used and
92	when autoPlay=false
93	- The seeker button aligned to the right from the mouse position when it was
94	grabbed using the mouse button. Now it stays on the same position it was in
95	when the mouse button was pressed down.
96	- It was not possible to use characters 'y' and 'Y' in the names inside
97	the playList. Now following characters are available:
98	"ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz?!/-:,. 1234567890"
101	Fixes:
102	- baseURLs are not appended to file name values that are complete URLs
103	- minor visual enhancements
104	New features:
105	- Support for long videos: Initial support for streaming servers (tested with red5) +
106	thumbnails corresponding to cue points.
107	- Video duration and time indicator
108	- Resizing of the video area through a menu
111	- Now the original FLV video dimensions are detected from the FLV metadata. The different resizing options are based on those. Initially the size is maximized according to the 'videoHeight' setting and preserving the aspect ratio.
112	Fixes:
113	- progress bar now goes to the start position (left) even when autoPlay=false and autoBuffering=false [1574640]
114	- resizing menu does not toggle pause/resume anymore [1581085]
115	- fixed missing audio on some FLV files [1568612]
116	- Flash Media Servers seems to send the FLV metadata again and again when seeking. This caused unnessessary rearranging of the thumbnails.
117	- Thumnail list's scrollbar is now hidden if all thumbnails fit the available visible space.
120	- Initial JavaScript API (Requires FlashPlayer 8 or above):
121		* Possibility to configure the player using JavaScript and a configuration object
122		similar to the external config file (using JavaScript Object Notation, JSON)
123		* Possibility to move the playback to different clips in the playlist using JavaScript
124	- Changed the format how thumbnails are specified in the config object
125	- The numbers from the playlist's clips were removed
126	- Unnamed clips are hidden from the playlist
127	- Possibility to have images in the playlist. Now the splash image is internally handled
128	as being the first clip in the playlist.
129	- Adjacent clips are played as one stream when using a streaming server
1311.9	- More complete JavaScript API
132	- Hierarchical configuration
133	- New config variable "initialScale" to control the initial scaling of the video
134	- New resizing option "fill window" that will fill all available space (does not care about preserving the aspect ratios)
135	- Changed the default buffer to 10 seconds
136	- noVideoClip config setting that can be used to specify a video clip or an image to be played when
137	  the primary clip is not found
138	Fixes:
139	- Fixed buffering indicator, did not show the buffer lenght correctly when not using a streaming server
140	- It was not possible to pass an empty string in baseURL when using setConfig() in the JavaScript API
141	- loop config setting was broken
142	- Clip is now better recognized as completely played
145	Changed to use the same configuration syntax with flashVars as with external configuration files. Now
146	the same configuration style is used consistently everywhere.
147	Fixes:
148	- It was impossible to disable autoPlay and autoBuffering
151	- Fix for the message on IE: "Object doesn't support this property or method' Line 48, Char 3". This
152	  was caused by two method names in the new JavaScript API. As a result, these methods are now renamed
153	  in the JavaScript API.
154	- Inlcuded javascript.txt (documentation for the JavaScript API) in the distribution packages.
157	- Finally added a volume control slider
158	- Made all progress bar and volume slider colors customizable
159	- Added a possibility to hide the playlist control buttons (next clip and previous clip buttons)
160	- Fixed the sample html files to work in Internet Explorer. The pages now use SWFObject
161	  (http://blog.deconcept.com/swfobject/) to embed the player.
164	- Changed volume slider to change the volume while the slider is being moved. The previous version changed
165	  it only after the mouse button was released.
166	Fixes:
167	- Now resets the play/pause button correctly when the clip ends and looping is not used
168	- Looping does not go to the splash after the last clip in the playlist is finished. Instead the playback loops
169	  to the first clip after the splash. This is valid also when only one video is configured to be played using
170	  the 'videoFile' config option.
173	- Protection scheme to prevent inline linking (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inline_linking)
174	  of video and image files.
175	- Images in playlist are resized according to the menu options. Images also respect the 'initialScale'
176	  config option.
177	Fixes:
178	- If loop is off the player stops on the last frame of the clip
181	- New config options to hide the loop button and the size options menu.
182	- Possibility to disable transport control buttons using a clip specific option.
183	- Possibility to have hyperlinks for clips. Will open the linked URL into the browser when the clip is clicked.
184	- Possibility to disable pause/resume behavior associated to clicking the video area. This is done
185	  by specifying an empty hyperlink URL to a click.
186	- New animation that plays on the progress bar area when the video is buffering
187	- The setConfig() method in the JavaScript API can be used over and over again to replace the configuration
189How to use it
192Please see http://flowplayer.sourceforge.net/howto.html
197FlowPlayer has following dependencies:
198* Luminic Box logger (http://luminicbox.com)
199* as2lib (http://www.as2lib.org)
201You need to specify locations for these in the build.xml. Modify the file accordingly.
203To compile FlowPlayer you need following tools:
204* mtasc compiler (http://www.mtasc.org)
205* swfmill (http://iterative.org/swfmill)
206* Ant (http://ant.apache.org)
207* as2ant (http://www.as2lib.org)
208* as2lib (http://sourceforge.net/projects/as2lib)
210You need to add a method signature for onCuePoint method into MTASC/std/NetStream.as:
211	function onCuePoint(info:Object):Void;
212For some weird reason that is missing.
214You need to set up as2ant targets for Ant. I have configured as2ant targets using
215Eclipse's integrated Ant configuration (Eclipse/Preferences/Ant/Runtime/Tasks).
216After that you should be able to buld FlowPlayer using Ant. There is no need to
217use the Adobe/Macromedia Flash tool at all, everything can be done using these tools.
219To build run: ant build
221To test cd to 'build' directory and open FlowPlayer.html using a browser.
222Change the parameters in FlowPlayer.html to try with your own videos.
224Bug reports, questions, contributing
226If you have bug reports, questions or would like to contribute, please send a
227message to: api@iki.fi