3 * english language file
4 *
5 * @license    GPL 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html)
6 * @author Etienne Meleard <etienne.meleard@cru.fr>
7 */
9/*=== Global section ===*/
10$lang['not_classified_errors']        = 'Several unknown errors occured';
11$lang['system_errors']                = 'The farm managment system encountered several problems';
12$lang['system_nohandler_failure']     = 'The required action "%s" has no handler';
13$lang['system_badtoken_failure']      = 'Bad security token';
14$lang['postparametermissing_failure'] = 'Missing POST parameter';
15$lang['emptyfield_failure']           = 'You must fill the "%s" field';
16$lang['invalidfield_failure']         = 'You must correctly fill the "%s" field';
19// Admin menu title
20$lang['menu'] = 'Wiki farm management';
22// File size/date infos format
23$lang['file_info'] = '{size}, last modified on {date}';
25// Some globals for animal links
26$lang['visitanimal']  = 'Visit this animal';
27$lang['manageanimal'] = 'Manage this animal';
29// Buttons
30$lang['btn_save']    = 'Save';
31$lang['btn_create']  = 'Create';
32$lang['btn_delete']  = 'Delete';
33$lang['btn_confirm'] = 'Confirm';
34$lang['btn_cancel']  = 'Cancel';
35$lang['btn_next']    = 'Next';
37// Some units
38$lang['timedeltaunits'] = array(
39	's' => array('second', 'seconds'),
40	'i' => array('minute', 'minutes'),
41	'h' => array('hour', 'hours'),
42	'd' => array('day', 'days'),
43	'w' => array('week', 'weeks'),
44	'm' => array('month', 'months'),
45	'y' => array('year', 'years')
47$lang['size_unit'] = 'b';
51/*=== Install section ===*/
52$lang['install_title']                     = 'Farm setup';
53$lang['install_info']                      = 'Be very carefull when choosing the folowing paths and folders because a wrong choice can result in a non working farm.';
54$lang['install_field_name_farmwebroot']    = 'Farm Web root(ended with /)';
55$lang['install_field_desc_farmwebroot']    = 'The farm\'s Web root, eg the URL to access the place where the farmer and the barn are located, basically the URL you use to access your actual dokuwiki (ended with /).';
56$lang['install_field_name_farmfsroot']     = 'Farm DocumentRoot (ended with /)';
57$lang['install_field_desc_farmfsroot']     = 'The farm\'s root in the filesystem, eg the path to access the place where the farmer and the barn are located, also where your actual dokuwiki is installed (ended with /).';
58$lang['install_field_name_farmer']         = 'Farmer\'s directory (ended with /)';
59$lang['install_field_desc_farmer']         = 'The directory where the farmer\'s files are located (ended with /).';
60$lang['install_field_name_barn']           = 'Barn\'s directory (ended with /)';
61$lang['install_field_desc_barn']           = 'The directory where the animals\' directories and files are located (ended with /).';
62$lang['install_errors']                    = 'Errors encountered during setup';
63$lang['install_stepupdate_failure']        = 'Failed to update install step';
64$lang['install_configcopy_failure']        = 'Config file is impossible';
65$lang['install_nocreatorfile_failure']     = 'Farm structure creator script not found';
66$lang['install_cannotsavecreator_failure'] = 'Failde to save farm structure creator script';
67$lang['install_success']                   = '<span style="font-size:2em;">Farm setup is a success !</span>';
71/*=== Structure creation ===*/
72$lang['structure_title']                                = 'Farm structure creation';
73$lang['structure_cannotcreatefarmerdir_failure']        = 'Cannot create farmer directory';
74$lang['structure_farmerdircreated']                     = 'Farmer directory successfully created';
75$lang['structure_cannotcreatebarndir_failure']          = 'Cannot create barn directory';
76$lang['structure_barndircreated']                       = 'Barn directory created';
77$lang['structure_cannotmovedw_failure']                 = 'Cannot move DokuWiki files to farmer directory';
78$lang['structure_dwmoved']                              = 'DokuWiki files successfully moved to farmer directory';
79$lang['structure_rewritefileupdated']                   = 'DokuWiki rewrite file updated';
80$lang['structure_couldnotupdaterewritefile']            = 'Cannot update DokuWiki rewrite file';
81$lang['structure_couldnotloadrewritefile']              = 'Cannot load DokuWiki rewrite file';
82$lang['structure_couldnotcopypreloadfile']              = 'Cannot copy preload script';
83$lang['structure_preloadfilecopied']                    = 'Preload script successfully copied';
84$lang['structure_animaltplcopied']                      = 'Animal default template copied';
85$lang['structure_couldnotcreateanimaltpldirectory']     = 'Cannot create animal default template directory';
86$lang['structure_couldnotcopyanimaltpl']                = 'Cannot copy animal default template';
87$lang['structure_animaltplmetafilecreated']             = 'Animal default template meta file successfully created';
88$lang['structure_couldnotcreateanimaltplmetafile']      = 'Cannot create animal default template meta file';
89$lang['structure_convert_to_animals']                   = 'Directories were found under barn, do you wish to convert some to animals ?';
90$lang['structure_couldnotremovestructurecreatorscript'] = 'Cannot remove installation script';
91$lang['structure_success']                              = 'Farm structure successfully created,<br /><small>click <a href="%s">HERE</a> to go to your newly created farmer, and browse the farm admin interface to complete setup.</small>';
95/*=== Farm animal info section ===*/
97// Display options
98$lang['animal_info_more'] = 'More info';
99$lang['animal_info_less'] = 'Less info';
101// Status related
102$lang['animal_info_status']            = 'Status';
103$lang['animal_info_setstatus_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to change this animal\'s status ?';
104$lang['animal_status_open']            = 'open';
105$lang['animal_status_maintenance']     = 'maintenance';
106$lang['animal_status_closed']          = 'closed';
107$lang['animal_status_abuse']           = 'abuse';
108$lang['animal_status_errors']          = 'Errors encountered during animal status update';
109$lang['animal_status_update_success']  = 'Animal settings updated';
110$lang['animal_status_update_failure']  = 'Failed to update the status to "%s"';
112$lang['animal_info_lockstate']            = 'Locked';
113$lang['animal_info_setlockstate_confirm'] = 'Are you sure you want to change this animal\'s lock state ?';
114$lang['animal_lockstate_none']            = 'nothing';
115$lang['animal_lockstate_edits']           = 'edits';
116$lang['animal_lockstate_edits_message']   = 'This wiki is locked for editing, you cannot modify pages.';
117$lang['animal_lockstate_admin']           = 'edits + admin';
118$lang['animal_lockstate_admin_message']   = 'This wiki is locked for editing and admin operations, you cannot modify pages nor access admin functionnalities.';
119$lang['animal_lockstate_all']             = 'edits + admin + login';
120$lang['animal_lockstate_all_message']     = 'This wiki is locked, you cannot modify pages, access admin functionnalities nor login or register.';
122$lang['animal_toobig_message']            = 'This wiki\'s disk usage is too high, you must delete some data to free ressources.';
123$lang['animal_farmtoobig_message']        = 'The wiki farm\'s disk usage is too high, you must delete some data to free ressources.';
125// Infos related
126$lang['animal_info_size']                  = 'Disk usage';
127$lang['animal_info_creation']              = 'Creation';
128$lang['animal_info_creationfmt']           = '{delta} ago on {date}';
129$lang['animal_info_pagescount']            = 'Pages count';
130$lang['animal_info_pagesbiggest']          = 'Biggest page';
131$lang['animal_info_pagessmallest']         = 'Smallest page';
132$lang['animal_info_pagesaverage']          = 'Average page size';
133$lang['animal_info_pagestotal']            = 'Size of all pages';
134$lang['animal_info_pagesoldest']           = 'Oldest edited page';
135$lang['animal_info_pageslatest']           = 'Latest edited page';
136$lang['animal_info_pageschangedescriptor'] = '{link}, by {user} on {date} ({delta} ago)';
137$lang['animal_info_mediascount']           = 'Medias count';
138$lang['animal_info_mediasbiggest']         = 'Biggest media';
139$lang['animal_info_mediassmallest']        = 'Smallest media';
140$lang['animal_info_mediasaverage']         = 'Average media size';
141$lang['animal_info_mediastotal']           = 'Size of all media';
142$lang['animal_info_cachesize']             = 'Size of cached elements';
143$lang['animal_info_indexsize']             = 'Size of indexes';
147/*=== Farm overview section ===*/
148$lang['overview_title']          = 'Farm overview';
149$lang['overview_sort']           = 'Sort by ';
150$lang['overview_diskusage']      = 'Disk usage';
151$lang['overview_animalsamount']  = 'Number of animals';
152$lang['overview_sort_size_asc']  = 'disk usage asc';
153$lang['overview_sort_size_desc'] = 'disk usage desc';
154$lang['overview_sort_name_asc']  = 'name asc';
155$lang['overview_sort_name_desc'] = 'name desc';
159/*=== Farm animal section ===*/
160$lang['animal_change_warning']        = 'CAUTION : Remember that any changes done here will immediately affect the animal\'s behaviour !';
161$lang['animal_errors']                = 'Errors encountered while performing required operations';
162$lang['animal_noid_failure']          = 'AnimalID parameter not found';
163$lang['animal_unknownanimal_failure'] = 'Unknown animal "%s"';
165// Tab title
166$lang['animal_title'] = 'Animal "%s" managment';
168// Animal infos pannel
169$lang['animal_infos'] = 'Animal infos';
171// Animal config pannel
172$lang['animal_config']                = 'Animal configuration';
173$lang['animal_config_editable']       = 'Editable configuration';
174$lang['animal_config_protected']      = 'Protected configuration';
175$lang['animal_config_errors']         = 'Errors encountered while updating animal configuration';
176$lang['animal_config_unknownsource']  = 'Unknown configuration source "%s"';
177$lang['animal_config_nodataprovided'] = 'No configuration data found';
178$lang['animal_config_save_failure']   = 'Could not save configuration';
179$lang['animal_config_save_success']   = 'Animal config successfully saved';
181// Animal users pannel
182$lang['animal_users']                    = 'Animal registered users';
183$lang['animal_users_warning']            = 'WARNING : This is an experimental feature, you shouldn\'t rely on it too much ... It is highly dependent on the authentication backend selected in the animal\'s configuration, so all functionnalities may not be available or may have weird behaviour, again BE CAREFULL !';
184$lang['animal_users_login']              = 'Login';
185$lang['animal_users_pass']               = 'Password';
186$lang['animal_users_name']               = 'Name';
187$lang['animal_users_mail']               = 'EMail';
188$lang['animal_users_grps']               = 'Groups';
189$lang['animal_users_sortname']           = 'Sort by name';
190$lang['animal_users_onlygrp']            = 'List only users from this group';
191$lang['animal_users_onlygrpactive']      = 'Only users in the folowing group are visible';
192$lang['animal_users_add']                = 'Add a user to this animal';
193$lang['animal_users_deleteuser']         = 'Delete this user (if allowed by animal\'s authentication backend)';
194$lang['animal_users_reallydeleteuser']   = 'Are you sure you want to delete user "%s" ?'; // !!! Javascript string between 's, use \\\' for ' !!!
195$lang['animal_users_errors']             = 'Errors encountered while performing required operations on animal users';
196$lang['animal_users_add_success']        = 'User successfully created';
197$lang['animal_users_delete_success']     = 'User successfully deleted';
198$lang['animal_users_add_create_failure'] = 'The user couldn\'t be created (login already in use, authentication backend of animal not permitting user creation ...)';
199$lang['animal_users_delete_failure']     = 'The user couldn\'t be deleted (did not exist or the authentication backend of the animal did not permit it ...)';
201// Animal file editor
202$lang['animal_editfile']                = 'Edit a file';
203$lang['animal_editfile_fs']             = 'Animal "%s" files';
204$lang['animal_editfile_file']           = 'Content of file "%s"';
205$lang['animal_editfile_create']         = 'Create file';
206$lang['animal_editfile_saveempty']      = 'I want to save this file with no content';
207$lang['animal_editfile_delete']         = 'I want to PERMANENTLY delete this file';
208$lang['animal_editfile_errors']         = 'Errors encountered while editing animal file';
209$lang['animal_editfile_delete_success'] = 'File successfully removed';
210$lang['animal_editfile_delete_failure'] = 'Failed to remove file';
211$lang['animal_editfile_save_success']   = 'File successfully saved';
212$lang['animal_editfile_save_failure']   = 'Failed to save the file';
214// Animal delete
215$lang['animal_delete']                            = 'Delete animal';
216$lang['animal_delete_success']                    = 'Animal successfully deleted';
217$lang['animal_delete_eventhandlercancel_failure'] = 'Deletion rejected by custom event handler';
218$lang['animal_delete_failure']                    = 'Failed to delete animal "%s"';
219$lang['animal_delete_tpl_failure']                = 'You cannot delete the default animal template';
220$lang['animal_delete_sure']                       = 'Are you sure you want to DEFINITLY delete this animal ?';
221$lang['animal_delete_errors']                     = 'There was some errors while deleting animal';
225/*=== Farm animal creation ===*/
226$lang['animal_new_title']                      = 'Add new animal';
227$lang['animal_new_name']                       = 'Name (allowed : a-z 0-9 _ . -)';
228$lang['animal_new_template']                   = 'Animal template (animal copied to create new one)';
229$lang['animal_new_host']                       = 'Animal host for virtual mode';
230$lang['animal_new_errors']                     = 'Errors encountered while creating new animal';
231$lang['animal_new_eventhandlercancel_failure'] = 'Creation rejected by custom event handler';
232$lang['animal_new_farmfull_failure']           = 'Farm is full (too much animals)';
233$lang['animal_new_farmtoobig_failure']         = 'Farm is too big (allowed disk usage exceeded)';
234$lang['animal_new_noname_failure']             = 'No animal name provided';
235$lang['animal_new_badname_failure']            = 'The new animal name is badly formated';
236$lang['animal_new_namealreadyinuse_failure']   = 'This animal ("%s") already exists';
237$lang['animal_new_templatenotfound_failure']   = 'Animal template "%s" not found';
238$lang['animal_new_templatecopy_failure']       = 'Failed to copy the animal template directory';
239$lang['animal_new_metacreate_failure']         = 'Failed to create animal metadata file';
240$lang['animal_new_createdespite_failure']      = 'Failed to create animal despite everything went well ...';
241$lang['animal_new_setconfig_failure']          = 'Failed to update animal configuration';
242$lang['animal_new_saveconfig_failure']         = 'Failed to save animal configuration';
243$lang['animal_new_virtualhostexists_failure']  = 'Virtualhost already in use';
244$lang['animal_new_savevirtualhost_failure']    = 'Failed to save virtualhost configuration';
245$lang['animal_new_create_success']             = 'Animal creation was successful';
249/*=== Farm config section ===*/
250$lang['config_title']                         = 'Farm configuration';
251$lang['config_info']                          = 'Be very carefull when changing the following farm parameters because bad values may break the farm.';
252$lang['config_field_name_userewrite']         = 'Use rewrite';
253$lang['config_field_desc_userewrite']         = 'Check this if you want to use nice URLs to access animals.';
254$lang['config_field_name_farmrewrite']        = 'Use rewrite inside barn';
255$lang['config_field_desc_farmrewrite']        = 'Check this if you want to hide the barn directory in the animals URLs.';
256$lang['config_field_name_virtual']            = 'Virtualhosting mode';
257$lang['config_field_desc_virtual']            = 'Check this if your farm works on a virtualhost basis (this will overwrite userewrite/farmrewrite parameters).';
258$lang['config_field_name_farmerhost']         = 'Farmer host';
259$lang['config_field_desc_farmerhost']         = 'Used to identify the farmer host in virtualhosting setup, useless othewise.';
260$lang['config_field_name_animaltemplate']     = 'The name of the default animal template';
261$lang['config_field_desc_animaltemplate']     = 'The name of the animal that will be used as default template when creating new ones (you can temporarely choose another template when creating an animal).';
262$lang['config_field_name_enablesoap']         = 'Enable SOAP server';
263$lang['config_field_desc_enablesoap']         = 'Check this if you want to allow trusted remote applications to interract with the farm.';
264$lang['config_field_name_farmmaxsize']        = 'Farm maximum size in bytes';
265$lang['config_field_desc_farmmaxsize']        = '(EXPERIMENTAL) If the farm reach this size the animal won\'t be able to edit their content anymore (0 means no limit).';
266$lang['config_field_name_animalmaxsize']      = 'Animal maximum size in bytes';
267$lang['config_field_desc_animalmaxsize']      = '(EXPERIMENTAL) If an animal reach this size its content won\'t be editable anymore (0 means no limit).';
268$lang['config_field_name_farmmaxanimals']     = 'Maximal number of animals';
269$lang['config_field_desc_farmmaxanimals']     = '(EXPERIMENTAL) If this animal amount is reached then it becomes impossible to create new ones (0 means no limit).';
270$lang['config_loadfarmrewritefile_failure']   = 'Failed to load the farm rewrite file';
271$lang['config_createfarmrewritefile_failure'] = 'Failed to create the farm rewrite file';
272$lang['config_deletefarmrewritefile_failure'] = 'Failed to delete the farm rewrite file';
273$lang['config_loadrewritefile_failure']       = 'Failed to load the barm rewrite file';
274$lang['config_createrewritefile_failure']     = 'Failed to create the barm rewrite file';
275$lang['config_deleterewritefile_failure']     = 'Failed to delete the barm rewrite file';
276$lang['config_copytrustedappsfile_failure']   = 'Failed to create the farm trusted apps file';
277$lang['config_copyvirtualhostfile_failure']   = 'Failed to create the farm virtualhost file';
278$lang['config_createwsdl_failure']            = 'Failed to create the farm wsdl file';
279$lang['config_deletewsdl_failure']            = 'Failed to delete the farm wsdl file';
280$lang['config_errors']                        = 'There was some errors while updating farm configuration';
281$lang['config_save_failure']                  = 'The new configuration could not be saved due to file access problem';
285/*=== Farm SOAP config section ===*/
286$lang['soapconfig_title']                                     = 'SOAP server configuration';
287$lang['soapconfig_info']                                      = 'Hereafter are the SOAP server trusted remote applications data, becarefull when modifying something because it may affect interraction with another service.';
288$lang['soapconfig_wsdlurl']                                   = 'You can find the farm wsdl file <a href="%s">here</a>.';
289$lang['soapconfig_comment']                                   = 'Comment';
290$lang['soapconfig_newapp']                                    = 'Add a new remote application';
291$lang['soapconfig_editapp']                                   = 'Edit remote application config';
292$lang['soapconfig_advancededit']                              = 'Advanced edit (text mode)';
293$lang['soapconfig_field_name_name']                           = 'Application name';
294$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_name']                           = 'The name the external service uses to connect to the server.';
295$lang['soapconfig_field_name_passwordhash']                   = 'Application password hash';
296$lang['soapconfig_field_name_passwordhash_change']            = 'If you enter a raw password here it will be saved after beeing hashed with the clear version stored as comment.';
297$lang['soapconfig_field_name_passwordhash_change_nohashfunc'] = 'No compatible hashing function found, please enter only md5 hash in this field.';
298$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_passwordhash']                   = 'The md5 hash of the password the external service uses to connect to the server.';
299$lang['soapconfig_field_name_allowedservices']                = 'Allowed services';
300$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservices']                = 'The list of the services this remote application can call upon.';
301$lang['soapconfig_field_name_allowedservice_allowed']         = 'allowed';
302$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_test']            = 'Returns calling arguments to check wether server/auth is working';
303$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalExists']    = 'Returns information about the animal designed by the "name" argument (exists, status and lock state)';
304$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalsList']     = 'Returns the list of animals in the farm as arrays containing "name" and "url" fields';
305$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalCreate']    = 'Creates an animal from "name" argument, may use "template" argument as well if it is not imposed';
306$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalStatus']    = 'Changes the "name" animal status (open, closed, maintenance, abuse) based on "status".';
307$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalLockState'] = 'Changes the "name" animal lock state (none, edits, admin, all) based on "lockstate".';
308$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_animalDelete']    = 'Deletes an animal from "name" argument';
309$lang['soapconfig_field_name_allowedservice_imposedargs']     = 'List of imposed arguments';
310$lang['soapconfig_field_desc_allowedservice_imposedargs']     = 'Imposed arguments are in the form &lt;arg1_name&gt;=&lt;arg1_value&gt;, &lt;arg2_name&gt;=&lt;arg2_value&gt;,...';
311$lang['soapconfig_appdelete_sure']                            = 'Are you sure you want to delete configuration for remote application "%s" ?';
312$lang['soapconfig_errors']                                    = 'There was some errors while updating SOAP server configuration';
313$lang['soapconfig_save_success']                              = 'Trusted remote applications file saved';
314$lang['soapconfig_save_failure']                              = 'The new configuration could not be saved due to file access problem';
315$lang['soapconfig_corruptedfile_failure']                     = 'The new configuration could not be saved due to corrupted file problem';
319/*=== VirtualHost config section ===*/
320$lang['virtualhostconfig_title']        = 'Virtualhost configuration';
321$lang['virtualhostconfig_info']         = 'Hereafter is the list of virtualhost-animal mappings.';
322$lang['virtualhost_config_for']         = 'Add virtualhost for';
323$lang['virtualhost_config_value']       = 'Enter host';
324$lang['virtualhostconfig_errors']       = 'There was some errors while updating virtualhost configuration';
325$lang['virtualhostconfig_save_failure'] = 'The new configuration could not be saved due to file access problem';
329/*=== Farm messages ===*/
330$lang['message_unknown_title']     = 'Unknown Wiki';
331$lang['message_unknown_desc']      = 'The "%s" wiki could not be found, please check its URL.';
333$lang['message_maintenance_title'] = 'Maintenance downtime';
334$lang['message_maintenance_desc']  = 'The "%s" wiki is under maintenance and cannot be viewed for the moment, please come back later.';
336$lang['message_closed_title']      = 'Wiki closed';
337$lang['message_closed_desc']       = 'The "%s" wiki has been closed and cannot be viewed.';
339$lang['message_abuse_title']       = 'Wiki closed due to abuse';
340$lang['message_abuse_desc']        = 'The "%s" wiki has been closed because of an abuse of the service rules, if you are one of its owners please contact the service administrators.';