3 * English language file for elwikiupgrade plugin
4 *
5 * @author Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>
6 */
8// menu entry for admin plugins
9$lang['menu'] = 'Wiki Upgrade';
11// custom language strings for the plugin
12$lang['vs_php']     = 'New DokuWiki releases need at least PHP %s, but you\'re running %s. You should elwikiupgrade your PHP version before upgrading!';
13$lang['vs_tgzno']   = 'Could not determine the newest version of DokuWiki.';
14$lang['vs_tgz']     = 'DokuWiki <b>%s</b> is available for download.';
15$lang['vs_local']   = 'You\'re currently running DokuWiki <b>%s</b>.';
16$lang['vs_localno'] = 'It\'s not clear how old your currently running version is, manual elwikiupgrade is recommended.';
17$lang['vs_newer']   = 'It seems your current DokuWiki is even newer than the latest stable release. Upgrade not recommended.';
18$lang['vs_same']    = 'Your current DokuWiki is already up to date. No need for upgrading.';
19$lang['vs_plugin']  = 'There is a newer elwikiupgrade plugin available (%s) you should update the plugin before continuing.';
20$lang['vs_ssl']     = 'Your PHP seems not to support SSL streams, downloading the needed data will most likely fail. Upgrade manually instead.';
22$lang['dl_from']    = 'Downloading archive from %s...';
23$lang['dl_fail']    = 'Download failed.';
24$lang['dl_done']    = 'Download completed (%s).';
25$lang['pk_extract'] = 'Unpacking archive...';
26$lang['pk_fail']    = 'Unpacking failed.';
27$lang['pk_done']    = 'Unpacking completed.';
28$lang['pk_version'] = 'DokuWiki <b>%s</b> is ready to install (You\'re currently running <b>%s</b>).';
29$lang['ck_start']   = 'Checking file permissions...';
30$lang['ck_done']    = 'All files are writable. Ready to elwikiupgrade.';
31$lang['ck_fail']    = 'Some files aren\'t writable. Automatic elwikiupgrade not possible.';
32$lang['cp_start']   = 'Updating files...';
33$lang['cp_done']    = 'All files updated.';
34$lang['cp_fail']    = 'Uh-Oh. Something went wrong. Better check manually.';
35$lang['tv_noperm']  = '<code>%s</code> is not writable!';
36$lang['tv_upd']     = '<code>%s</code> will be updated.';
37$lang['tv_nocopy']  = 'Could not copy file <code>%s</code>!';
38$lang['tv_nocopy']  = 'Could not remove existing file <code>%s</code> before overwriting!';
39$lang['tv_nodir']   = 'Could not create directory <code>%s</code>!';
40$lang['tv_done']    = 'updated <code>%s</code>';
41$lang['rm_done']    = 'Deprecated <code>%s</code> deleted.';
42$lang['rm_fail']    = 'Could not delete deprecated <code>%s</code>. <b>Please delete manually!</b>';
43$lang['rm_mismatch']= 'Case mismatch for deprecated file <code>%s</code>. Please check manually if file should really be deleted.';
44$lang['finish']     = 'Upgrade completed. Enjoy your new DokuWiki';
46$lang['btn_continue'] = 'Continue';
47$lang['btn_abort']    = 'Abort';
49$lang['step_version']  = 'Check';
50$lang['step_download'] = 'Download';
51$lang['step_unpack']   = 'Unpack';
52$lang['step_check']    = 'Verify';
53$lang['step_elwikiupgrade']  = 'Install';
55$lang['careful'] = 'Errors above! You should <b>not</b> continue!';
57//Setup VIM: ex: et ts=4 enc=utf-8 :