1Version 2010-08-13 	Initial Release
2Version 2010-08-14 	Fix bug creating first bug report
3Version 2010-08-16 	Add report to user saying that bug is well saved (#4)
4Version 2010-08-17 	Add several feature, email notification, delete (for admin only), dynamic captcha (#3, #5, #6)
5Version 2010-08-26 	Fix bug on the dynamic captcha, notifications, clear description area after report
6Version 2010-08-27 	Fix bug on insert report due to deletion
7Version 2011-01-05 	Implement Ajax edition, add count feature, remove delete button
8Version 2011-02-18 	Fix #16, #20 : Add missing / and table class inline.
9Version 2011-03-07 	Fix #11, #21 : Fix edit and url callback.
10Version 2011-04-13 	Fix #27, remove the forced title in the form, fix multiple post occurring when displaying multiple bugs list and report in the same page.
11Version 2011-08-24  Implement #65 (Configurable severity), Implement #62 (Inform user of modification on a report), Implement #64 (No report without information), Use captcha helper plugin for consistent captcha on the wiki, Fix #34
12Version 2011-08-30  Implement list option for Status, Add default stylesheet, Column size are now resizable, add delete feature with confirmation, fix bug #69 : email lenght was limited to 20 chars
13Version 2011-10-17  Use jquery, datatables plugin and jEditable to manage table, and fix a security issue.
14Version 2011-10-18  Fix link to the stylesheet in action.php, fix the delete feature.