2$lang['usingdevel'] = 'Sie verwenden gerade die Entwicklerversion der database2 Bibliothek';
3$lang['menu'] = 'Database2 local DB console';
4$lang['tagdisabled'] = 'Embedding tables with database2 here is disabled in this wiki\'s configuration!';
5$lang['nodblink'] = 'No link to database: %s';
6$lang['nocolmeta'] = 'missing meta information on columns';
7$lang['restabnames'] = 'using reserved table names denied';
8$lang['accessdenied'] = 'access denied (%s@%s)';
9$lang['badinteraction'] = 'DB interaction failed: %s (line %d)';
10$lang['deferror'] = '<strong>%s</strong><br />at %d@%s';
11$lang['btnResetSession'] = 'Reset Session';
12$lang['btnViewTable'] = 'View Table';
13$lang['defmissing'] = 'missing valid data definition';
14$lang['nocreatetable'] = 'failed to create table %s';
15$lang['reclocked'] = 'The record is currently locked!';
16$lang['tablelocked'] = 'The table is currently locked!';
17$lang['editnorelease'] = 'Releasing lock on record failed!';
18$lang['notransact'] = 'Failed to start transaction!';
19$lang['editnoid'] = 'Failed to get unique ID for new record!';
20$lang['editprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare writing record!';
21$lang['editexecute'] = 'Failed to write record!';
22$lang['editcommit'] = 'Failed to commit writing record!';
23$lang['editrollback'] = 'Failed to roll back writing record!';
24$lang['editloadprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare loading record!';
25$lang['editloadexecute'] = 'Failed to load record!';
26$lang['editcantsave'] = 'Writing record failed: %s';
27$lang['notarecord'] = 'Selected record does not exist!';
28$lang['navprevious'] = 'and switch to previous record';
29$lang['navnext'] = 'and switch to next record';
30$lang['navreturn'] = 'and return to list';
31$lang['delprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare deleting record!';
32$lang['delexecute'] = 'Failed to delete record!';
33$lang['delcommit'] = 'Failed to commit deleting record!';
34$lang['nodrop'] = 'Failed to drop table %s!';
35$lang['dropcommit'] = 'Failed to commit dropping table!';
36$lang['countprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare counting record!';
37$lang['countexecute'] = 'Failed to count record!';
38$lang['listprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare listing records!';
39$lang['listexecute'] = 'Failed to list records!';
40$lang['hintsortasc'] = 'Sort by this column ascendingly';
41$lang['hintsortdesc'] = 'Sort by this column descendingly';
42$lang['hintflipfirst'] = 'Flip to first page';
43$lang['hintflipprev'] = 'Flip to previous page';
44$lang['hintflipnext'] = 'Flip to next page';
45$lang['hintfliplast'] = 'Flip to last page';
46$lang['recnumsingle'] = '%d record';
47$lang['recnummulti'] = '%d records';
48$lang['recnummultipage'] = '%d records on %d pages';
49$lang['cmdadd'] = 'Add Record';
50$lang['cmddrop'] = 'Drop Table';
51$lang['enumunselected'] = 'Please select ...';
52$lang['cmdprint'] = 'Print Version';
53$lang['cmdcsv'] = 'Export to CSV';
54$lang['cmdxml'] = 'Export to XML';
55$lang['cmdlog'] = 'Export Changelog';
56$lang['cmdview'] = 'View This Record';
57$lang['cmdedit'] = 'Edit This Record';
58$lang['cmddelete'] = 'Delete This Record';
59$lang['cmdinsert'] = 'Insert Record Before This One';
60$lang['cmdcopy'] = 'Add Copy of This Record';
61$lang['cmdfilterapply'] = 'Apply filter';
62$lang['cmdfilterintersect'] = 'Append intersection rule';
63$lang['cmdfilterunion'] = 'Append union rule';
64$lang['cmdsave'] = 'Save';
65$lang['cmdnosave'] = 'Don\'t Save';
66$lang['cmdokay'] = 'Okay';
67$lang['cmdcancel'] = 'Cancel';
68$lang['cmdreturn'] = 'Return';
69$lang['cmddropfile'] = 'Drop File';
70$lang['cmddl'] = 'Download';
71$lang['confirmdelete'] = 'Do you really want to delete this record?';
72$lang['confirmdrop'] = 'Do you really want to irreversibly drop this table?';
73$lang['confirmdropfile'] = 'Do you really want to drop the attached image/file?';
74$lang['oplike'] = 'like';
75$lang['opnotlike'] = 'not like';
76$lang['opand'] = 'and';
77$lang['opor'] = 'or';
78$lang['opset'] = 'is set';
79$lang['opclear'] = 'is clear';
80$lang['definline'] = 'invalid definition at line #%d';
81$lang['defdouble'] = 'double column definition: %s';
82$lang['invalidbool'] = 'invalid booltype option';
83$lang['noaliased'] = 'missing aliased term';
84$lang['emptyenum'] = 'no enumeration elements';
85$lang['readerdisabled'] = 'related enumeration relies on custom view feature disabled in configuration';
86$lang['multiacl'] = 'multi-column row-related ACL rejected';
87$lang['invalidreader'] = 'invalid statement on related enumeration';
88$lang['badtype'] = 'no such type: %s';
89$lang['baddef'] = 'check definition in line %d: %s<br />';
90$lang['emptydef'] = 'define at least one column<br />';
91$lang['idnotable'] = 'Cannot create record ID pool!';
92$lang['idreadprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare reading from ID pool!';
93$lang['idreadexecute'] = 'Failed to read from ID pool!';
94$lang['idwriteprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare writing to ID pool!';
95$lang['idwriteexecute'] = 'Failed to write to ID pool!';
96$lang['idcommit'] = 'Failed to commit operation on ID pool!';
97$lang['idrollback'] = 'Failed to commit roll back on ID pool!';
98$lang['idnoid'] = 'Failed to obtain unique ID from ID pool!';
99$lang['userunknown'] = 'Failed to get name of current user!';
100$lang['aclprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare reading row-related ACL!';
101$lang['aclexecute'] = 'Failed to read row-related ACL!';
102$lang['lognotable'] = 'Cannot create log file!';
103$lang['logprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare writing to log file!';
104$lang['logexecute'] = 'Failed to write to log file!';
105$lang['locksuperlocked'] = 'Superordinated resource is locked!';
106$lang['locksubprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare reading subordinated locks!';
107$lang['locksubexecute'] = 'Failed to read subordinated locks!';
108$lang['locksublocked'] = 'At least one subordinated resource is locked!';
109$lang['lockreadprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare reading lock!';
110$lang['lockreadexecute'] = 'Failed to read lock!';
111$lang['lockwriteprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare writing lock!';
112$lang['lockwriteexecute'] = 'Failed to write lock!';
113$lang['locklocked'] = 'Requested resource is locked!';
114$lang['lockcommit'] = 'Failed to commit operation on locks!';
115$lang['lockrollback'] = 'Failed to roll back operation on locks!';
116$lang['releaseprepare'] = 'Failed to prepare releasing lock!';
117$lang['releaseexecute'] = 'Failed to release lock!';
118$lang['releasecommit'] = 'Failed to commit releasing lock!';
119$lang['releaserollback'] = 'Failed to roll back releasing lock!';
120$lang['medianomedia'] = 'Linking non-media data rejected: %s';
121$lang['mediana'] = 'Linked media not available!';
122$lang['mediadenied'] = 'Accessing linked media denied!';
123$lang['medianoeditor'] = 'Missing editor session file for linking!';
124$lang['fileinvalid'] = 'Invalid file data!';
125$lang['filebadupload'] = 'Upload failed: %s!';
126$lang['filenoupload'] = 'Uploaded file is empty!';
127$lang['filebadmime'] = 'Invalid type of file!';
128$lang['filenoimage'] = 'Uploaded file is not an image!';
129$lang['fileimagealt'] = 'Image in &quot;%s&quot; (MIME:&nbsp;%s)';
130$lang['fileincomplete'] = 'Incomplete file read!';
131$lang['fileexternal'] = 'Adjusting external file disabled!';
132$lang['fileexternalfound'] = 'externally provided file: found';
133$lang['fileexternalnotfound'] = 'externally provided file: not found';
134$lang['filedenied'] = 'access denied';	// on accessing hidden files
135$lang['filedlhint'] = 'Opens file for download';
136$lang['markrequired'] = 'You need to set this mark!';
137$lang['required'] = 'Add this information as it is required!';
138$lang['badenum'] = 'Invalid selection!';
139$lang['badinteger'] = 'Invalid integer value!';
140$lang['baddate'] = 'Invalid date value!';
141$lang['badtime'] = 'Invalid time value!';
142$lang['baddatetime'] = 'Incomplete date/time value!';
143$lang['baddatetimetail'] = 'Invalid additional information next to date/time value!';
144$lang['badphonefax'] = 'Invalid phone/fax number!';
145$lang['badfloat'] = 'Invalid float value!';
146$lang['badmoney'] = 'Invalid monetary information!';
147$lang['badmoneytail'] = 'Invalid additional information next to monetary information!';
148$lang['badurl'] = 'Invalid URL!';
149$lang['badurlnoabs'] = 'An absolute URL is required!';
150$lang['badmail'] = 'Invalid mail address!';
151$lang['badmailunknown'] = 'Unknown domain in mail address!';
152$lang['badaclrule'] = 'Invalid ACL rule or rule element!';
153$lang['today'] = 'today';	// detected on parsing dates
154$lang['now'] = 'now';		// detected on parsing time
155$lang['hidden'] = 'hidden';	// used to list hidden fields in a record
156$lang['NULL'] = 'NULL';		// used to list unset values
157$lang['none'] = 'none';		// used to mark missing file
158$lang['printtitle'] = 'Print version of table %s';
159$lang['consoleoff'] = 'Console is disabled in configuration!';
160$lang['consolesession'] = 'Session data is not available, thus history is disabled!';
161$lang['consolegoodresult'] = 'Query okay, empty result';
162$lang['consolebtn'] = 'Submit query';
163$lang['consolesqlitedoc'] = 'SQLite language reference';
164$lang['consoledbselector'] = 'Database (omit for current page):';
165$lang['consolehelpershortcuts'] = 'Shortcuts:';
166$lang['consolehelperkeys'] = 'List keys';
167$lang['consolehelperlocks'] = 'List locks';
168$lang['consolehelperlog'] = 'List log';
169$lang['consolehelpertables'] = 'List tables';
170$lang['consolehelpervac'] = 'Compress DB file';
171$lang['consolehelpertemplates'] = 'Templates:';
172$lang['consolehelperread'] = 'Read record(s)';
173$lang['consolehelperreadsql'] = 'SELECT * FROM <tablename> WHERE <column>=<value>';
174$lang['consolehelperedit'] = 'Edit record(s)';
175$lang['consolehelpereditsql'] = 'UPDATE <tablename> SET <column1>=<value1>,<column2>=<value2> WHERE <column3>=<value3>';
176$lang['consolehelperdelete'] = 'Delete record(s)';
177$lang['consolehelperdeletesql'] = 'DELETE FROM <tablename> WHERE <column>=<value>';
178$lang['consolehelperadd'] = 'Insert record(s)';
179$lang['consolehelperaddsql'] = 'INSERT INTO <tableName> ( <column1>,<column2>,<column3> ) VALUES ( <value1>,<value2>,<value2> )';
180$lang['consolehelperhistory'] = 'History:';