1CKEDITOR.lang['en']["indent"] = {
2        "indent": "Nested List",
3        "outdent": "Decrease Nesting"
4 };
5CKEDITOR.lang['en'] ["stylescombo"]["label"]= "Code";
6CKEDITOR.lang.en.image['alt'] = "HoverTip";
7CKEDITOR.lang['en']['fbrowser'] = {
8FileBrowserError_101:	'Folder already exists.',
9FileBrowserError_102:	'Invalid folder name',
10FileBrowserError_103:   'You have no permissions to create the folder.',
11FileBrowserError_110:   'Unknown error creating folder',
12FileBrowserError_201:   'A file with the same name is already available. The uploaded file has been renamed to: ',
13FileBrowserError_202:   'Invalid file',
14FileBrowserError_203:   'You do not have permission to upload files to this folder. If you think this is incorrect please notify your administrator.',
15FileBrowserError_204:   'Unable to delete the selected file',
16FileBrowserError_205:  'Unable to rename the selected file; check your directory/write permisssions',
17FileBrowserError_206: ' already exists; you must either delete or rename it. ',
18FileBrowserError_default: 'Error on your request. Error number: ',
19FileBrowserError_Ajax: 'Your browser does not support AJAX.',
20FileBrowserError_XML:  'The server didn\'t reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.' ,
21FileBrowserError_Folder_Submit: 'Please type the folder name.',
22FileBrowserError_File_Submit:  'Please select a file from your computer',
23FileBrowserError_Upload: 'Error on upload. Error number: ',
24FileBrowserError_Connector: 'The connector is disabled. Check editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php',
25FileBrowserError_Command: 'Unsupported command: ',
26FileBrowserError_Type:  'Invalid type specified: ',
27FolderMoveWarning:  'You can only move files to a folder one level below the current directory',
28FileBrowserError_301: "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.",
29FileBrowserError_302: "The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form.",
30FileBrowserError_303: "The uploaded file was only partially uploaded.",
31FileBrowserError_304: "No file was uploaded.",
32FileBrowserError_306:  "Missing a temporary folder.",
33FileBrowserError_307:  "Failed to write file to disk.",
34FileBrowserError_308: "PHP does not provide a way to ascertain which extension caused the file upload to stop; examining the list of loaded extensions with phpinfo() may help.",
35DlgFileBrowserUpMsg: "Upload a new file in this folder",
36DlgFileBrowserRead  : "read-only",
37DlgFileBrowserWrite : "uploadable",
38DlgFileBrowserNewFolder: "Create Folder",
39DlgFileBrowserResourceType: "Resource Type",
40DlgLnkUpload		: "Upload",
41DlgFileBrowserMove: "Move",
42LinkText: "<span style='font-weight:bold'>Link Display Text</span><br />User defined Text (takes precedence over Page Name or  ID)",
43InternalLink: "internal link",
44InternalMedia: "internal media",
45MediaFileLink: "link to media file",
46InterWikiLink: "Interwiki Link",
47InterWikiType: "Interwiki Type",
48InterwikiPlaceHolder: "Interwiki Replacement Text",
49InterwikiInfo: "<div style='max-width:350px; white-space: pre-wrap;border:1px solid #cccccc; margin:auto; overflow:auto; padding:4px;line-height:125%;'>Dokuwiki\'s " +
50"interwiki links are short-cuts which look like this: <span style='font-weight:600'>[[wp&gt;Shakespeare]]</span>, which will create a link to the English Wikipedia article on Shakespeare.  " +
51"The <span style='font-weight:600'>wp</span> part designates a link pattern;  " +
52"the text following the '<span style='font-weight:900'>&gt;</span>' will be inserted into the link, replacing  a place holder, which is enclosed in curly brackets, "  +
53"as in <span style='font-weight:600'>{NAME}.</span> When there is no place holder, the replacement text will be appended to the end of the link.</div>",
54MediaFileLink: "link to media file",
55SMBLabel: "Samba Share",
56GetHeadingsLabel: 'Get Headings'	,
57QStringLabel: 'Query String (For example: value_1=1&value_2=2) ',
58ResetQS: 'Reset Query String',
59NotSetOption: 'Not Set',
60AdvancedInfo: "To create anchors from Dokuwiki headers, click on the Get Headings button, select the header, click OK. You can go back, select a new page and get new headers.",
61AdvancedTabPrompt: 'Use the advanced tab to create page anchors and query strings',
62SMBExample: "Enter your share as: \\\\Server\\directory\\file",
63DlgFileBrowserWaitingMsg: 'Loading files, please wait.',
64DlgFileBrowserAdjustSize: 'Adjust browser size',
65DlgFileBrowserReset: 'Reset',
66DlgFileBrowserSortBy: 'Sort by',
67DlgFileBrowserSortDate: 'Date',
68DlgFileBrowserSortSize: 'File size',
69DlgFileBrowserSortName: 'Name',
70DlgFileBrowserButtonHelp: 'Help',
71DlgFileBrowserResizeMsg: "The file browser window will be reset to the default size after your page is reloaded into the editor.",
72DlgFileBrowserSearch: "Find file(s)",
73DlgFileBrowserSortOrder: 'Reverse order',
74DlgFileBrowserInfo_1: "If you increase the zoom level of your browser,  Ckgedit's file browser may exceed the size of its  enclosing window, forcing scrollbars. " +
75      " To eliminate the scrollbars, you can enlarge the window up to 20%.  The  new size takes effect after you have closed and re-opened  the editor.  " +
76      "Resizing uses a cookie with a year's duration. ",
77DlgFileBrowserInfo_2: "The file listings can be sorted by Name, Date, and File Size.  By default they sort in ascending order, but Date and File Size can " +
78          "be sorted in descending order by checking the Reverse Order option.  The sort functions are not supported by Internet Explorer but do work in Win 10 Edge.",
79DlgFileBrowserInfo_3: "The search functions will search using whole or part of a file name.",
81CKEDITOR.lang['en']['footnote'] = {
82FootNoteInfo: '<div style="padding: 18px;font-size:125%;line-height:125%;">'+
83           '<ul style="list-style-type:disc;"><li>To create a footnote enter the footnote text into the editing box and click OK</li>'+
84           '<li>To edit a footnote enter the footnote id into the id box and click the Load button. <br /> The footnote will '+
85           'appear in the editing box, where you can then edit it.<br /> When you are finished editing, click OK to save.</li>'+
86           '<li> A footnote id has this form: <b>fckgL_&lt;n&gt;</b>, where n is the number of the note.</li></ul></div>',
87ToolTip: 'Insert a footnote',
88Settings: 'Settings',
89Header: 'This dialog window lets you create and edit footnotes.',
90Label_1 :'Footnote Text (required)',
91Label_2: 'Footnote Id: ',
92LoadButtonLabel : 'Load Note In Editor',
93Title : 'Footnote Dialog',
94Validate: 'The footnote text field cannot be empty.',
97CKEDITOR.lang['en']['fontassist'] = {
98Title: 'Font Plugin Editor',
99ToolTip: 'Check and Revise Font Styling',
100MainHeader: 'View and optionally alter text styled with the font plugin .',
101SelectColor : ' Select Color',
102SelectedTextColor : 'Selected Text Color',
103SelectedBGColor : 'Selected Background Color',
104BGColors : 'Background Colors',
105InfoText :  '<div style="max-width:400px; font-size: 12pt; white-space: pre-wrap;border:1px solid #cccccc; margin:auto; height: 350px; overflow:auto;">' +
106 'This tool works with the font  plugin and is used to update the font plugin\'s syntax and/or view its enclosed text. ' +
107'Clicking anywhere on the plugin syntax or its text will enable you to check the appearance of the font, its colors, and its size.'+
108'<br /><br />You can also update the plugin syntax in place.  To do this you must select both the font syntax itself and the enclosed text:' +
109'<p style="text-indent: 50px; font-size: 12pt;">  &lt;font. . . &gt;text&lt;/font&gt;</p>' +
110'Then whatever changes you  make with this tool can be inserted into the editor window, by clicking OK, and will replace the current font syntax. ' +
111'<br /><br />The font syntax will appear in the textbox below the display window and is updated with each change. '+
112'Clicking on the text will select the text for copying.</div>',
113Main: 'Main',
114Text : 'Text',
115IfChecked : ' If checked, uncheck to activate OK button',
116Fonts : 'Fonts',
117FontSizes :  'Font Sizes (px)',
118ResetFont : 'Reset font',
119ResetAll : 'Reset all',
120TextColors : 'Text Colors',
121Accept :'Accept',
122Reset : 'Reset',
123none : 'none',
125CKEDITOR.lang['en']['signature'] = {
126ToolTip: 'Insert signature'
128/* For these below, the 'en' is replaced by your language code.  For instance:
129     CKEDITOR.lang.de  //German
130     CKEDITOR.lang.fr  //French
132CKEDITOR.lang.en["format"]["panelTitle"]  = "Section Headers";
133CKEDITOR.lang.en["format"]["label"] = "Headlines";
134CKEDITOR.lang.en["stylescombo"]["panelTitle"]="Formatting Code Styles";
135CKEDITOR.lang['en'] ["stylescombo"]["label"]= "Code";
136CKEDITOR.lang.en.common["alignBaseLine"] = "Baseline";
137CKEDITOR.lang['en']["indent"] = {
138        "indent": "Nested List",
139        "outdent": "Decrease Nesting"
140 };
141CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["noLink"] = "No link";
142CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["linkType"] = "Link type";
143CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["linkDetail"] = "Detail";
144CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["linkDirect"] = "Direct";
145CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["linkNoLink"] = "No Link";
146CKEDITOR.lang.en["common"]["linkOnly"] = "Link only";