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READMEH A D16-Sep-2021214 53

acl.pngH A D16-Sep-20211 KiB

config.pngH A D16-Sep-20211.4 KiB

plugin.pngH A D16-Sep-20211.1 KiB

popularity.pngH A D16-Sep-20211.1 KiB

revert.pngH A D16-Sep-20211.3 KiB

styling.pngH A D16-Sep-2021970

usermanager.pngH A D16-Sep-20211.4 KiB


1These icons were taken from the nuvoX KDE icon theme and are GPL licensed
2See http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/nuvoX?content=38467
4styling.png from https://openclipart.org/detail/25595/brush Public Domain