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H A DActionDisabledException.php8 * Thrown when the requested action has been disabled. Eg. through the 'disableactions'
H A Dconfig.metadata.php47 * 'disableactions' - as 'setting'
153 $meta['disableactions'] = ['disableactions',
218 $meta['dontlog'] = ['disableactions', '_choices' => ['error', 'debug', 'deprecated']];
H A DActionRouter.php45 $this->disabled = explode(',', $conf['disableactions']);
H A Dconfutils.php369 $disabled = explode(',', $conf['disableactions']);
H A Ddokuwiki.php64 $conf['disableactions'] = ''; //comma separated list of actions to disable
H A Dinstall.php409 $output .= '$conf[\'disableactions\'] = \'register\'' . ";\n";