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H A DBacklinks.php6 * DokuWiki Backlinks Interface
10 class Backlinks extends Ui class
13 * Display backlinks
26 echo p_locale_xhtml('backlinks');
H A DBacklink.php8 * Shows the backlinks for the current page
H A DBacklink.php5 use dokuwiki\Ui\Backlinks;
26 (new Backlinks())->show();
H A D_toc.css3 * sitemap (?do=index) and backlinks (?do=backlink).
73 /* sitemap (and backlinks)
H A Dhtml.php17 use dokuwiki\Ui\Backlinks;
520 * display backlinks
528 dbg_deprecated(Backlinks::class . '::show()');
529 (new Backlinks())->show();
14 use dokuwiki\Ui\Backlinks; global() alias
H A Dfulltext.php178 * Returns the backlinks for a given page
H A DApiCore.php557 * Get a page's backlinks