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H A Ddwpage.php240 * @param bool $minor
242 protected function commandCommit($localfile, $wiki_id, $message, $minor) { argument
260 saveWikiText($wiki_id, file_get_contents($localfile), $message, $minor);
H A D_recent.css27 .dokuwiki form.changes ul li.minor {
H A D_edit.css92 /* summary input and minor changes checkbox */
H A D_diff.css36 .dokuwiki table.diff th.minor {
H A Dchangelog.php69 $minor = ($type===DOKU_CHANGE_TYPE_MINOR_EDIT);
117 } elseif (!$minor) { // non-minor modification
H A Dcommon.php1322 * @param bool $minor mark this saved version as minor update
1324 function saveWikiText($id, $text, $summary, $minor = false) { argument
1365 } else if($minor && $conf['useacl'] && $INPUT->server->str('REMOTE_USER')) {
1426 …notify($svdta['id'], 'admin', $svdta['oldRevision'], $svdta['summary'], $minor, $svdta['newRevisio…
1427 …notify($svdta['id'], 'subscribers', $svdta['oldRevision'], $svdta['summary'], $minor, $svdta['newR…
1467 * @param boolean $minor Is this a minor edit?
1474 function notify($id, $who, $rev = '', $summary = '', $minor = false, $replace = array(), $current_r… argument
1486 … if($conf['useacl'] && $INPUT->server->str('REMOTE_USER') && $minor) return false; //skip minors
H A DREADME.md23 Be aware that minor highlighting errors may well just be incorrect
H A DCHANGELOG20 - Some minor tweaks for RFC822 email support (BenBE)
99 * Fix a minor issue with comments in Visual Basic (Plançon, BenBE)
101 * Fix a minor issue with keywords in SQL (Gerrit, BenBE)
223 * Additional Keywords and minor tweaks to Logtalk (Paulo Moura)
624 - Lots of other minor optimizations based on coding style improvements (Milian Wolff)
633 - Fixed minor problem in Haskell cuasing accidential start of comment (SF#1987221, BenBE)
634 - Fixed minor issue causing loads of warnings if a language files defines no symbols (BenBE)
869 - Some minor language file fixes (C++, Lua) (Lua fixes by chromix)
H A DApiCore.php521 $minor = $params['minor'];
557 saveWikiText($id, $TEXT, $sum, $minor);
H A Dlang.php238 $lang['i_phpver'] = 'Forma tua PHP <code>%s</code> minor quam illa necessaria <code>%s…
H A DREADME.md131 minor improvements