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H A DIJR_IntrospectionServer.php12 private $signatures; variable in IJR_IntrospectionServer
H A DCHANGELOG.md36 * Fix method signatures for PHP 7.0 (Issue #6)
H A DREADME18 * Adjust method signatures to match parent
H A DCHANGELOG.txt79 - Fix validateReference() with enveloping signatures
177 - Add addObject method for enveloping signatures.
H A DUPGRADING.md9 …um PHP version is 7.2, type hints are used almost everywhere, most of the method signatures changed
H A DChangeLog6 * Experimental: fix action component signatures for PHP >= 7.4 / DW >= Hogfather.
H A DREADME.wiki25 * Don't enable digital signatures!
H A DREADME.md64 - Adjust method signatures to match parent.
H A D70.70.js1signatures:[]},i.items.forEach((function(e){var t={label:"",parameters:[]};t.documentation={value:…
H A D5.5.js.map1signatures: []\n };\n info.items.forEach(function (i…
H A Dbundle.js396signatures.length,t=this.state.hints.activeSignature,n=t%e==e-1,i=this.editor.getOption(67).cycle;…
H A Dbundle.js.map1signatures.length;\n const activeSignature = this.state.hints.activeSignature;\n con…
H A Doz.min.js.map1 … state.doInCurrentLine = false;\n\n // Special matching for signatures\n if(matche…
H A DCHANGELOG183 * Now the SP is able to select the algorithm to be used on signatures (DSA_SHA1, RSA_SHA1, RSA_SHA2…
H A DREADME.md49 * **Security** - Based on strong digital signatures for authentication and
283 and in some cases, configure advanced security issues like signatures and
457 /** signatures and encryptions offered */
487 /** signatures and encryptions required **/
H A Dchangelog.txt2055 * Bugfix: MIDI files with flat key signatures were not being
2510 also scanned for valid synch signatures, to prevent false
2558 are only scanned as MP3 if ID3v2 or MPEG-audio signatures are at
H A DCHANGELOG.md660 - Methods of classes in `QueryBuilder\DSL` namespace now have exact same signatures as correspondin…
H A DCHANGELOG.md1058 * BC Break: Changed a bunch of constructor signatures in the CalDAV package, to
H A Dbundle.js396signatures.length,t=this.state.hints.activeSignature,n=t%e==e-1,i=this.editor.getOption(67).cycle;…
H A Dpdfmake.min.js37 …rr=new A.Struct({ulVersion:A.uint32,usNumSigs:A.uint16,usFlag:A.uint16,signatures:new A.Array(er,"…
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1 …Only = this.hasFieldFlag(AnnotationFieldFlag.READONLY);\n\n // Hide signatures because we canno…
H A Dmermaid.min.js.map1 …od name>'] pattern is used to support closure compiler\n\t * the jsdoc signatures are also used to…