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H A DChannelSectionContentDetails.php30 public $playlists; variable in Google\\Service\\YouTube\\ChannelSectionContentDetails
49 public function setPlaylists($playlists) argument
51 $this->playlists = $playlists;
58 return $this->playlists;
H A DYouTube.php78 public $playlists; variable in Google\\Service\\YouTube
1305 'playlists',
1309 'path' => 'youtube/v3/playlists',
1323 'path' => 'youtube/v3/playlists',
1342 'path' => 'youtube/v3/playlists',
1386 'path' => 'youtube/v3/playlists',
H A DREADME.txt202 - fixed wrong behavior when onBeforeFinish was returning false within playlists
236 - RSS playlists: The 'type' attribute value 'audio/mp3' in the media:content element caused an erro…
245 - Player was not initialized correctly when instream playlists were used and the provider used in t…
H A DREADME.txt64 - Support for playlists
H A DREADME.txt232 - Support for playlists
419 …- Added ability to include png files in playlists. Especially useful for creating transparent spla…
H A DGoogle_YouTubeService.php983 public $playlists; variable in Google_YouTubeService
1007 …$this->playlists = new Google_PlaylistsServiceResource($this, $this->serviceName, 'playlists', jso…
H A Dvideo.min.js21playlists=o,this.manifest.mediaGroups=this.manifest.mediaGroups||c,s.attributes?(u.attributes||(u.… method in gs.o
H A Dchangelog.txt1465 getid3.demo.mysql.php can generate M3U playlists of any of the