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H A DBase.php91 public function load(); function
H A DFile.php122 public function load() function in SimplePie_Cache_File
H A DMemcache.php125 public function load() function in SimplePie_Cache_Memcache
H A DMemcached.php118 public function load() { function in SimplePie_Cache_Memcached
H A DRedis.php118 public function load() { function in SimplePie_Cache_Redis
H A DMySQL.php307 public function load() function in SimplePie_Cache_MySQL
H A DSettingAuthtype.php34 $auth_plugin = $plugin_controller->load('auth', $input);
H A DActionRouter.php181 $load = join('_', $parts);
182 $class = 'dokuwiki\\Action\\' . str_replace('_', '', ucwords($load, '_'));
H A Dpluginutils.php54 return $plugin_controller->load($type,$name,$new,$disabled);
H A Dparserutils.php712 $Renderer = $plugin_controller->load('renderer',$rname);
H A Dauth.php47 $auth = $plugin_controller->load('auth', $plugin);
H A Dscript.js67 .load(
H A DBUGS17 making some sort of "cache" effect to speed things up and reduce server load.
H A DCHANGELOG628 - Optimization: Use file_get_contents() to load sourcecode from files.
H A Dcss.php396 return $css_file->load($location);
422 public function load($location='') { function in DokuCssFile
H A D_media_popup.css135 #media__content img.load {
H A DREADME.md17 file is still set up to correctly load it when required, so this shouldn't be a problem in practice…
H A DPluginController.php80 public function load($type, $name, $new = false, $disabled = false) function in dokuwiki\\Extension\\PluginController
H A Dlinkwiz.js297 .load(
H A DSanitize.php340 if ($cache->load())
H A DCHANGELOG.md105 …ternally reporting errors. Also, use this to show an error when trying to load the class instead o…
H A DSimplePie.php1526 $this->data = $cache->load();
H A Djquery-ui.min.js13load(this.tabs.index(o),e),this._toggle(e,c))},_toggle:function(e,i){function s(){o.running=!1,o._…
H A Djquery.min.js2load:{noBubble:!0},click:{setup:function(e){var t=this||e;return pe.test(t.type)&&t.click&&A(t,"in…