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H A Ddwpage.php16 protected $force = false; variable in PageCLI
153 $this->force = $options->getOpt('force', false);
273 if($this->force) $this->deleteLock($wiki_id);
297 if($this->force) $this->deleteLock($wiki_id);
H A Dindexer.php113 * @param boolean $force force reindexing even when the index is up to date
118 function idx_addPage($page, $verbose=false, $force=false) { argument
137 if(!$force && file_exists($idxtag)){
H A Dstopwords.txt42 force
H A Dmobile.less263 /* force same height on search input and tools select */
H A Dlessc.inc.php2134 * @param boolean $force
2138 public function checkedCachedCompile($in, $out, $force = false) { argument
2148 if (!$force && is_file($outMeta)) {
2192 * @param bool $force Force rebuild?
2195 public function cachedCompile($in, $force = false) { argument
2202 if ($force or ! isset($in['files'])) {
2344 public static function cexecute($in, $force = false, $less = null) { argument
2348 return $less->cachedCompile($in, $force);
H A DLICENSE207 in force. You may convey covered works to others for the sole purpose
H A Dsyntax.txt20 **Paragraphs** are created from blank lines. If you want to **force a newline** without a paragraph…
520 …ted (eg. when the %%<php>%% syntax above is used), adding this macro will force DokuWiki to rerend…
H A DCHANGELOG516 * Added $force_reset param for to force full reload of a language. (milian)
625 - Implemented setting to force spans to be closed before newlines, see SF#1727398 (Milian Wolff)
703 - Added a possibility to force generation of a surrounding tag around