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H A DIPv6.php146 public static function compress($ip) function in SimplePie_Net_IPv6
H A DREADME.md64 Differences between Tar and Zip: Tars are compressed as a whole, while Zips compress each file indi…
H A DREADME.md91 The -f flag sets the [output formatter][1]. For example, to compress the
H A Dlang.php134 $lang['compress'] = 'Компактен CSS и javascript изглед';
H A Dlang.php151 $lang['compress'] = 'Compactar as saídas de CSS e JavaScript';
H A Dlang.php157 $lang['compress'] = 'Compactar as saídas de CSS e JavaScript';
H A DIRI.php978 $this->ihost = '[' . SimplePie_Net_IPv6::compress(substr($ihost, 1, -1)) . ']';