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H A Dmime.conf12 mp3 audio/mpeg
13 ogg audio/ogg
14 wav audio/wav
H A DEnclosure.php902 $audio = '';
933 $audio = $opt[1];
1044 $placeholder = $audio;
H A Dprint.css15 audio, selector
H A Dbasic.less106 audio {
231 audio {
H A Dsyntax.txt131 You can include external and internal [[doku>images|images, videos and audio files]] with curly bra…
186 Unfortunately not all browsers understand all video and audio formats. To mitigate the problem, you…
H A DSimplePie.php637 …public $add_attributes = array('audio' => array('preload' => 'none'), 'iframe' => array('sandbox' …
H A Ddeleted.files416 lib/images/fileicons/audio.png