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H A DCoursesTeachers.php22 use Google\Service\Classroom\Teacher; alias
50 * @param Teacher $postBody
52 * @return Teacher
54 public function create($courseId, Teacher $postBody, $optParams = [])
58 return $this->call('create', [$params], Teacher::class);
99 * @return Teacher
105 return $this->call('get', [$params], Teacher::class);
H A DListTeachersResponse.php27 protected $teachersType = Teacher::class;
45 * @param Teacher[]
52 * @return Teacher[]
H A DTeacher.php20 class Teacher extends \Google\Model class
78 class_alias(Teacher::class, 'Google_Service_Classroom_Teacher');
H A DTeacher.php12 class Teacher extends Person class
H A DClazz.php24 public function __construct(Teacher $teacher, array $students)
H A DIntegrationTest.php29 use JMS\Serializer\Tests\Fixtures\Doctrine\SingleTableInheritance\Teacher; alias
67 $teacher = new Teacher();
H A Dbible_verses.txt23365 And a certain scribe came up and said to him: "Teacher, I will follow you wherever you are about to…
23909 "Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?"
24556 And one of the crowd answered him: "Teacher, I brought my son to you because he has a speechless sp…
24609 The man said to him: "Teacher, all these things I have kept from my youth on."
25038 But even tax collectors came to be baptized, and they said to him: "Teacher, what shall we do?"
25236 But in reply Jesus said to him: "Simon, I have something to say to you." He said: "Teacher, say it!"
25473 Then a certain one of the crowd said to him: "Teacher, tell my brother to divide the inheritance wi…
25771 However, some of the Pharisees from the crowd said to him: "Teacher, rebuke your disciples."
25819 In response some of the scribes said: "Teacher, you spoke well."
26386 they said to him: "Teacher, this woman has been caught in the act of committing adultery.
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