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H A Dusers.auth.php.dist9 # login:passwordhash:Real Name:email:groups,comma,separated
H A Dacronyms.conf13 DNS Domain Name System
H A Dregistermail.txt4 Voller Name : @NEWNAME@
H A Dregistermail.txt4 Voller Name : @NEWNAME@
H A Dimport.txt3 …genden vier Spalten benötigt (In dieser Reihenfolge): Benutzer-ID, Voller Name, E-Mail-Adresse und…
H A Dimport.txt3 …ssen die folgenden Daten (in dieser Reihenfolge) enthalten: Benutzername, Name, E-Mailadresse und …
H A DX509.php162 var $Name; variable in phpseclib\\File\\X509
389 $this->Name = array(
485 'issuer' => $this->Name,
487 'subject' => $this->Name,
780 ) + $this->Name,
1129 'subject' => $this->Name,
1167 'issuer' => $this->Name,
2852 return $asn1->encodeDER($dn, $this->Name);
H A DReadMe.txt17 and their encoded form as it will be used in the DNS (Domain Name System).