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H A DSnapshotDomDocument.php13 use DomDocument; alias
17 class SnapshotDomDocument extends DomDocument
H A DSnapshotClass.php13 use DomDocument; alias
30 self::$dom = new DomDocument();
H A DFeedZoteroRepository.php10 * @var DomDocument
32 $this->dom = new DomDocument();
H A DImportZoteroFeedReader.php59 $dom = new DomDocument();
H A DXMLTest.php22 $dom = new DomDocument('1.0', 'UTF-8');
H A Dtestclient.php11 $dom = new DomDocument;
H A DXmlSec.php16 * @var DomDocument
H A DPluginTest.php57 $this->assertNull($this->plugin->report('{DAV:}foo', new \DomDocument()));
H A Dhelper.php57 $dom = new DomDocument();
H A DLogoutResponse.php29 * @var DomDocument
H A DResponse.php25 * @var DomDocument
31 * @var DomDocument
1178 * @return DomDocument SAML Response
H A DUtils.php1327 * @param string|DomDocument $xml The element we should sign