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17 - soapclient: get xml character encoding from HTTP Content-Type header if provided, e.g. text/xml;c…
18 - soapclient: use headers in call if provided (previously ignored this parameter)
42 - soapclient: add proxy authentication
43 - soapclient: allow proxy information in ctor, so that it can be used for wsdl
49 - soapclient: improve handling of persistent connections
50 - soapclient: force xml_encoding to upper case
60 - soapclient: add responseData member to access deflated/gunzipped payload
81 - wsdl, soapclient, soap_parser: patch submitted by Mark Spavin as described by
91 - wsdl, soapclient: fix some PHP notices from previous update
95 - soapclient, soap_server: when no charset is specified, use UTF-8, even though HTTP specifies US-A…
102 - soapclient, wsdl: check for WSDL errors after serializing parameters
113 - soapclient: call setContentType using new getHTTPContentType and getHTTPContentTypeCharset
125 - soapclient: add getHTTPBody, getHTTPContentType, getHTTPContentTypeCharset (anticipating MIME sub…
134 - soapclient: Pass headers to parseResponse and parse them in that method
165 - soapclient: have proxy inherit more client state
166 - soapclient: allow timeout and response timeout to be specified in the constructor
177 - soapclient: allow a wsdl instance to be specified in constructor
207 - soapclient: clean up debugging for persistent connection
231 - soapclient: improve rpc/literal support
232 - soapclient: allow XML string as call params in addition to array
233 - soapclient: support document style and literal encoding when not using WSDL
259 - soapclient: when creating proxy methods, replace '.' in operation name with '__' in function name
260 - soapclient: initialize requestHeaders in proxy
264 - soapclient: do not allow getProxy call when WSDL is not used
265 - soapclient: use ISO-8859-1 as the charset if not specified in the Content-Type header
266 - soapclient: when an empty string is specified for the call namespace, do not put the method eleme…
267 - soapclient: let soap_transport_http check for SSL support
268 - soapclient: have proxy inherit soap_defencoding from the client from which it is generated
269 - soapclient: do not assume that 'ns1' is an unused namespace prefix; always generate namespace pre…
289 - soapclient: read/write cookies (thanks Ingo)
301 - soapclient: support client certificates
335 - soapclient: for document style, call should always return an array rooted at the response part (a…
339 - soapclient: only set SOAP headers when they are specified in call params (so setHeaders still wor…
343 - soapclient: use get_class instead of is_a (thanks Thomas Noel)
344 - soapclient: add setEndpoint method
351 - soapclient: call parent constructor
373 - soapclient: factor out new getProxyClassCode method
374 - soapclient: specify encodingStyle for envelope
375 - soapclient: improve debug and comments
406 - soapclient: Allow SOAP headers to be supplied as an array like parameters
421 - soapclient: when creating a proxy, make $params within each function an associative array
441 - soapclient: initialize paramArrayStr to improve proxy generation
442 - soap_parser: handle PHP5 soapclient's incorrect transmission of WSDL-described SOAP encoded array…
457 - soapclient: add getHeader to get parsed SOAP Header
467 - soapclient: declare as nusoapclient, then also subclass soapclient if SOAP extension not loaded