1# About
3*EARLY BOOTSTRAP 3 SUPPORT ADDED*: Still a bit buggy. See warnings section for
4information on using Bootstrap 2.3.2.
6See template.info.txt for main info
8See COPYING for license info
10This "theme" is actually intended to be modified with a Twitter Bootstrap theme
11of your choice. Twitter Bootstrap is a framework to create websites that work
12and look great in a range of devices and browsers.  It's quite customizable and
13there's many themes available for free and/or pay. A basic theme would require
14only that you overwrite a few files included in this theme. More radical
15changes would require changing the actual template layout (mostly in main.php).
17Effort has been put into making the template's public facing content look okay.
18Some back end functionality (e.g., the admin interface) may look distorted, but
19should still be functional.
21# Why This Theme?
23The [official Bootstrap page](http://twitter.github.com/bootstrap/) has many
24reasons why you might want your site to be based on Bootstrap. Bootstrap
25contains many useful components for building websites, including a responsive
26grid layout and excellent plug-in support.
28[DokuWiki](https://www.dokuwiki.org/) is an excellent file-based, open-source
29wiki software. It lets you easily edit and organize pages without requiring a
30database server.
32Combining the above two (via this theme), we get an excellent content editor
33(DokuWiki) and an excellent system to control the layout and look of the
34content (Bootstrap).
36## Screenshots
38Here's what the theme looks like by default. Multiple screenshots in different
39screen resolutions show how the site changes as the amount of screen real
40estate changes.
421. [320x480](https://raw.github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap/master/screenshot_320x480.png)
432. [768x1024](https://raw.github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap/master/screenshot_768x1024.png)
443. [980x1280](https://raw.github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap/master/screenshot_980x1280.png)
46# Installation from Github
48Do something like the following:
501. Install DokuWiki as you normally would. See
51   [DokuWiki.org](https://www.dokuwiki.org).
522. ```cd dokuwiki/lib/tpl```
533. ```mkdir dokutwitterbootstrap```
544. ```cd dokutwitterbootstrap```
555. ```git init```
566. ```git pull git://github.com/ryanwmoore/dokutwitterbootstrap.git```
577. Using DokuWiki's admin interface, change the wiki's template to
58   dokutwitterbootstrap.
60# Customization
62This DokuWiki theme will get you started with a very basic Twitter Boostrap
63theme. Then, replace the following files with your own Bootstrap files:
65* css/
66    * bootstrap.min.css
67    * bootstrap-theme.min.css
68    * modifications.css: place minor global modifications to the
69      bootstrap theme here. See included modifications.css, which enables the
70      use of the floating top navbar
71* img/
72    * glyphicons-halflings.png
73    * glyphicons-halflings-white.png
74* js/
75    * bootstrap.min.js: compile all your desired plugins into a single
76      minimized javascript file. The included bootstrap.min.js includes all
77      plugins
79# Warning
81This theme is hard-coded to use minified Bootstrap CSS and Bootstrap javascript.
83It automatically includes jQuery 1.9.1 via the Google CDN.
85This theme is intended primarily for small sites that are modified by one or so
86people. Effort has been made to make public facing things look nice, but
87non-public interfaces (e.g., edit interfaces, admin, configuration settings)
88may not have been updated and may appear ugly. These should still be
91DokuWiki's "Binky" release puts some links in <bdi> tags. This causes some links
92to look unstyled. This could be fixed by modifying how DokuWiki generates these
93links. Instead, the file js/change_dokuwiki_structure.js dynamically modifies
94the DOM structure to fix this by detaching and reattaching such links. Yes, that
95"solution" seems a bit hacky. But, I'd rather not require that people modify
96DokuWiki's source code just to get this theme to work.
98##  Bugs
100The only major ``bug'' that I am aware of is that, when attempting to upload a
101new file to the median manager, a file upload button might not appear.  Click on
102the words "select files..." and the file upload select box will appear.
105# Base Version
107This theme is based off of Twitter Bootstrap 3. This theme's migration to
108Bootstrap 3 is recent and, honestly, still a bit buggy. I felt it better to put
109it out on the Internet, mostly working, than to not have any Bootstrap 3 support
110at all.
112Older versions of this theme used Twitter Bootstrap 2.3.2. See [the last
113Bootstrap 2.3
116# Theme Resources
118Here's some good free themes to start with: http://bootswatch.com/
119That site also has a swatch maker so you can make your own style.
121# DokuWiki Specifics
123This template supports the use of a ```nav.html``` file (a sample is included).
124Add any Wiki-wide links that you would like to, with each link being inside an
125li element. I tried adding support for a Wiki-based navigation page, instead of
126raw HTML, but due to how DokuWiki outputs lists, the output clashed with
127existing CSS and was unusable.
129This template does support a ```footer.html``` file, which will be output after
130the page information and site license.
132This template does support a ```meta.html``` file, which will be output right
133before the head element is closed.
135# License
137This DokuWiki theme is based off of the [DokuWiki Starter
138template](https://github.com/selfthinker/dokuwiki_template_starter/), released
139under GPL v2.0. Therefore, this template is also released under that license.
140I've modified the starter template to make use of Twitter Bootstrap
141code/functionality. Twitter Bootstrap is licensed under Apache License v2.0.
142According to http://www.apache.org/licenses/GPL-compatibility.html , the Free
143Software Foundation does not consider GPL2 to be compatible with Apache 2.0. I
144don't really know how much it matters to the average user. Consult a lawyer if
145you're worried about this potential incompatibility.
148# Disclaimer
150I'm not intimately familiar with either DokuWiki template coding or Bootstrap.
151I may have done stupid things. If so, please make appropriate changes and
152send a pull request.