1====== Genstionaire des Config Texte: Interwiki  ======
3Utiliser cette page pour gerer la liste des Interwiki de votre intallation de Dokuwiki.\\
4Que sont les Interwiki? Voir [[doku>wiki:interwiki]].
6Each URL may contain one of the placeholders {URL} or {NAME}
7  * ''{URL}'' is replaced by the URL encoded representation of the wikiname this is the right thing to do in most cases
8  * ''{NAME}'' this is replaced by the wikiname as given in the document no further encoding is done
9If no placeholder is defined the urlencoded name is appended to the URL
11Please note that you may specify an image to use with interwiki links in your dokuwiki's ''images/interwiki'' directory. Unfortunately, this plugin does not upload image files.
13Pour plus de details a propos de ce plugin, voir [[doku>plugin:txtconf]].
15Assurez-vous d'appuyer le bouton **Sauver** avant de quitter cette page, sinon vos modifications seront perdues.