2TYPE: istring
3DEFAULT: 'utf-8'
5If for some reason you are unable to convert all webpages to UTF-8, you can
6use this directive as a stop-gap compatibility change to let HTML Purifier
7deal with non UTF-8 input.  This technique has notable deficiencies:
8absolutely no characters outside of the selected character encoding will be
9preserved, not even the ones that have been ampersand escaped (this is due
10to a UTF-8 specific <em>feature</em> that automatically resolves all
11entities), making it pretty useless for anything except the most I18N-blind
12applications, although %Core.EscapeNonASCIICharacters offers fixes this
13trouble with another tradeoff. This directive only accepts ISO-8859-1 if
14iconv is not enabled.
15--# vim: et sw=4 sts=4