1====== Redirect Configuration ======
3  * You can specify the redirect will be //permanent// (HTTP status 301) or //temporary// (302).  The status value can be omitted assuming 302.
4  * The origin and destination ID must be absolute and cleaned (no specialchars, all lowercase, full namespaces).
5  * Put '':'' in front of the ID for media, otherwise any ID are assumed for pages.
6  * If the origin ID ends '':'', all pages/media files under the given namespace will be redirected. You may also put '':'' to the end of destination ID to keep page/media name in the new namespace.
8<code text>
9# (Example) rule format:  [Status] Origin Destination
10301 pagename  ns:page#headline  # redirect permanently to the anchor in other page
11    :example.pdf  :ns:          # redirect of media file