5$_SERVER['argv'][1] = '--no-configuration';
7require __DIR__ . '/../bootstrap.php';
10PHPUnit %s by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
12Usage: phpunit [options] UnitTest [UnitTest.php]
13       phpunit [options] <directory>
15Code Coverage Options:
17  --coverage-clover <file>  Generate code coverage report in Clover XML format.
18  --coverage-crap4j <file>  Generate code coverage report in Crap4J XML format.
19  --coverage-html <dir>     Generate code coverage report in HTML format.
20  --coverage-php <file>     Export PHP_CodeCoverage object to file.
21  --coverage-text=<file>    Generate code coverage report in text format.
22                            Default: Standard output.
23  --coverage-xml <dir>      Generate code coverage report in PHPUnit XML format.
24  --whitelist <dir>         Whitelist <dir> for code coverage analysis.
25  --disable-coverage-ignore Disable annotations for ignoring code coverage.
27Logging Options:
29  --log-junit <file>        Log test execution in JUnit XML format to file.
30  --log-teamcity <file>     Log test execution in TeamCity format to file.
31  --testdox-html <file>     Write agile documentation in HTML format to file.
32  --testdox-text <file>     Write agile documentation in Text format to file.
33  --testdox-xml <file>      Write agile documentation in XML format to file.
34  --reverse-list            Print defects in reverse order
36Test Selection Options:
38  --filter <pattern>        Filter which tests to run.
39  --testsuite <name>        Filter which testsuite to run.
40  --group ...               Only runs tests from the specified group(s).
41  --exclude-group ...       Exclude tests from the specified group(s).
42  --list-groups             List available test groups.
43  --list-suites             List available test suites.
44  --test-suffix ...         Only search for test in files with specified
45                            suffix(es). Default: Test.php,.phpt
47Test Execution Options:
49  --report-useless-tests    Be strict about tests that do not test anything.
50  --strict-coverage         Be strict about @covers annotation usage.
51  --strict-global-state     Be strict about changes to global state
52  --disallow-test-output    Be strict about output during tests.
53  --disallow-resource-usage Be strict about resource usage during small tests.
54  --enforce-time-limit      Enforce time limit based on test size.
55  --disallow-todo-tests     Disallow @todo-annotated tests.
57  --process-isolation       Run each test in a separate PHP process.
58  --no-globals-backup       Do not backup and restore $GLOBALS for each test.
59  --static-backup           Backup and restore static attributes for each test.
61  --colors=<flag>           Use colors in output ("never", "auto" or "always").
62  --columns <n>             Number of columns to use for progress output.
63  --columns max             Use maximum number of columns for progress output.
64  --stderr                  Write to STDERR instead of STDOUT.
65  --stop-on-error           Stop execution upon first error.
66  --stop-on-failure         Stop execution upon first error or failure.
67  --stop-on-warning         Stop execution upon first warning.
68  --stop-on-risky           Stop execution upon first risky test.
69  --stop-on-skipped         Stop execution upon first skipped test.
70  --stop-on-incomplete      Stop execution upon first incomplete test.
71  --fail-on-warning         Treat tests with warnings as failures.
72  --fail-on-risky           Treat risky tests as failures.
73  -v|--verbose              Output more verbose information.
74  --debug                   Display debugging information during test execution.
76  --loader <loader>         TestSuiteLoader implementation to use.
77  --repeat <times>          Runs the test(s) repeatedly.
78  --teamcity                Report test execution progress in TeamCity format.
79  --testdox                 Report test execution progress in TestDox format.
80  --testdox-group           Only include tests from the specified group(s).
81  --testdox-exclude-group   Exclude tests from the specified group(s).
82  --printer <printer>       TestListener implementation to use.
84Configuration Options:
86  --bootstrap <file>        A "bootstrap" PHP file that is run before the tests.
87  -c|--configuration <file> Read configuration from XML file.
88  --no-configuration        Ignore default configuration file (phpunit.xml).
89  --no-coverage             Ignore code coverage configuration.
90  --no-extensions           Do not load PHPUnit extensions.
91  --include-path <path(s)>  Prepend PHP's include_path with given path(s).
92  -d key[=value]            Sets a php.ini value.
93  --generate-configuration  Generate configuration file with suggested settings.
95Miscellaneous Options:
97  -h|--help                 Prints this usage information.
98  --version                 Prints the version and exits.
99  --atleast-version <min>   Checks that version is greater than min and exits.