2*   To Upgrade for your language, create the following language items in your language file,
3*   which is found in the following directory: /fckg/fckeditor/editor/lang
4*   You can use this file as your template and over-write the English with your tanslations
7// Toolbar tooltips
9InsertFootnote      : "Create/Edit Footnotes",
10ScaytTitle              : "Spell Check",
14ScaytOptionsTab: 'Options',
15ScaytLangsTab : 'Languages',
16ScaytDictTab : 'Dictionary',
17ScaytAboutTab: 'About',
18ScaytTitleOptions: 'Options',
19ScaytTitleAbout: 'About',
20ScaytTitleLangs: 'Languages',
21ScaytallCaps: 'Ignore All-Caps Words',
22ScaytignoreDomainNames: 'Ignore Domain Names ',
23ScaytmixedCase: 'Ignore Words with Mixed Case',
24ScaytmixedWithDigits: 'Ignore Words with Numbers',
26// Image Dialog
27DlgImgNote          : "<b>Note:</b> The DokuWiki Mediamangager can be used only for uploading.  It cannot insert images into your text.",
28DlgImgHelp          : "<b>Image Alignment</b> The align property will place your images in text contexts as illustrated in the preview box. It can also be used to align images with respect to one another:",
29DlgImgHelpLiLeft    : "Use <b>left</b> alignment to create a horizontal row of images.",
30DlgImgHelpLiBase    : "Use <b>baseline</b> to create a vertical column of images at the left-hand margin.",
31DlgImgHelpLiRight   : "Use <b>right</b> and <b>middle</b> to create columns at the center and right.",
32DlgImgHelpNote      : "<b>Note</b>: Placing a column of images in the left margin without the baseline property will result in a horizontal row of images.",
33DlgImgInsert: 'insert into document',
34DlgImgHelpBrowseUpload : "Uploads are done by clicking on <b>Browse Server/Upload</b>",
36DlgImgAlertSucess	: "Your file has been successfully uploaded.",
37DlgImgAlertInvalid	: "Invalid file type",
38DlgImgAlertName		: "A file with the same name is already available. The uploaded file has been renamed to ",
39DlgImgAlertSecurity	: "Security error. You probably don't have enough permissions to upload. Please check your server.",
40DlgImgRemoveAlign : 'Remove Alignment',
41DecreaseIndent		: "Nested List Return",
42IncreaseIndent		: "Nested List",
44// Link Dialog
45DlgLnkTypeInternal	: "DokuWiki internal link",
46DlgLnkTypeMime		: "Non-DokuWiki Internal Files",
47DlgLnkTypeSamba		: "SMB Share",
48DlgLnkTypeAnchor	: "Anchor in this page",
49DlgLnkTypeEMail	    :  "E-Mail",
50DlgLnkQS            : "Query String (For example: value_1=1&value_2='abc')",
51DlgnLnkMsgNoWikiFile : "Please enter a file name for your internal link",
52DlgnLnkMsgQSErr      : "Malformed Query String element(s). Press Cancel to revise:",
54DlgLnkIntText		: "Enter DokuWiki namespace Or Select from File Browser.",
55DlgLnkIntExtras     : "To create a query string and/or to set a page anchor from Dokuwiki headers, click the <b>Advanced</b> tab.",
56DlgLnkIntExample	: "For example: <i>:directory:directory:file</i>",
57DlgLnkMimeText		: "Enter DokuWiki namespace Or Select from, File Browser.",
58DlgLnkMimeExample	: "For example: <i>:directory:directory:zipfile.zip</i>",
59DlgLnkSambaText		: "Enter the share name.",
60DlgLnkSambaExample	: "For example: \\\\Server\\\directory_path\\file",
61DlgLnkCreateAnchors: "Create Page Anchors from Dokuwiki Headers",
62DlgLnkQSExample:   "Query String (for example: value_1=1&value_2=2)",
63DlgLnkGetHeaders: "Get Headers",
64DlgLnkCancelHeaders: " . .cancel",
65DlgLnkHeadersMenuTitle: "Headings Menu",
66DlgLnkNoHeadersFound: "No Headings Found",
69// File Browser
70DlgFileBrowserSelect: "Please select a file from your computer",
71DlgFileBrowserUpPrg : "Upload a new file in this folder (Upload in progress, please wait...)",
72DlgFileBrowserUpMsg : "Upload a new file in this folder",
73DlgFileBrowserRead  : "read-only",
74DlgFileBrowserWrite : "uploadable",
75DlgFileBrowserBrowse: "browse",
76DlgFileBrowserNewFolder: "Create Folder",
77DlgFileBrowserResourceType: "Resource Type",
78DlgFileBrowserThumbnail: 'thumbnail',
79DlgFileBrowserMagnify: 'mangify',
81// The following 4 are the labels at upper left corner of file browser
82DlgFileBrowserResSelectFile: "File",
83DlgFileBrowserResSelectFlash: "Flash",
84DlgFileBrowserResSelectMedia: "Media",
85DlgFileBrowserResSelectImage: "Image",
86DlgFileBrowserMoveLabel: 'Move',
87DlgFileBrowserFolderPrompt: 'Type the name of the new folder:',
88DlgFileBrowserFolderWarning: 'Please type the folder name' ,
89DlgLnkUpload: 'Upload',
91// File Browser Errors
92FileBrowserError_101:	'Folder already exists.',
93FileBrowserError_102:	'Invalid folder name',
94FileBrowserError_103:   'You have no permissions to create the folder.',
95FileBrowserError_110:   'Unknown error creating folder',
96FileBrowserError_201:   'A file with the same name is already available. The uploaded file has been renamed to: ',
97FileBrowserError_202:   'Invalid file',
98FileBrowserError_203:   'You do not have permission to upload files to this folder. If you think this is incorrect please notify your administrator.',
99FileBrowserError_204:   'Unable to delete the selected file',
100FileBrowserError_205:  'Unable to rename the selected file; check your directory/write permisssions',
101FileBrowserError_206: ' already exists; you must either delete or rename it. ',
102FileBrowserError_default: 'Error on your request. Error number: ',
103FileBrowserError_Ajax: 'Your browser does not support AJAX.',
104FileBrowserError_XML:  'The server didn\'t reply with a proper XML data. Please check your configuration.' ,
105FileBrowserError_Folder_Submit: 'Please type the folder name.',
106FileBrowserError_File_Submit:  'Please select a file from your computer',
107FileBrowserError_Upload: 'Error on upload. Error number: ',
108FileBrowserError_Connector: 'The connector is disabled. Check editor/filemanager/connectors/php/config.php',
109FileBrowserError_Command: 'Unsupported command: ',
110FileBrowserError_Type: 'Invalid type specified: ',
111FolderMoveWarning: 'You can only move files to a folder one level below the current directory',
112FolderMovePrompt: 'Subdirectory of current directory to which you want to move ',
114//Special Characters
115DlgSpecialExplaination : "Click on a character or Enter an entity number or code in the text box, test it and then click insert",
116DlgSpecialTest         : "test",
117DlgSpecialInsert       : "insert",
119//Footnote Dialog
120DlgFootnoteTitle              : "Footnote Editor",
121DlgFootnoteExplaination       : "Use the text area for both creating and revising your footnotes.",
122DlgFootnoteId                 : "Footnote ID ",
123DlgFootnoteLoad               : "Load Note in Editor",
124DlgFootnoteExplainationBottom : "To Revise enter the footnote ID and click \"Load Note in Editor\"",
126// Plugin Tool
127Abbr	      		: "Plugin",
128AbbrBtn      		: "Insert Syntax Plugin",
129AbbrDlgTitle 		: "Insert Syntax Plugin Name",
130AbbrDlgHLCreate		: "<b>Create a Plugin</b>",
131AbbrDlgHLStet		: "<b>Stet Plugin</b>",
132AbbrDlgHLEdit		: "<b>Edit Dokuwiki Plugin</b>",
133AbbrDlgClick		: "<b>Click OK when done. Or Cancel.</b>",
134AbbrDlgStet			: "Create a string literal from text containing HTML and/or DokuWiki Markup characters",
135AbbrDlgEditPlugin	: "Edit a plugin which was not created using the plugin tool.",
136AbbrDlgName  		: "Enter Plugin Name--try to be exact",
137AbbrDlgRemove		: "Remove plugin-tag (content remains)",
138AbbrDlgSelectFirst	: "You have to select the plugin syntax first!",
139DlgNotAvail            : "Deprecated. No longer available. ",
140DlgPluginUseNowiki : 'Use &lt;nowiki&gt; instead',
143//Paragraph to Break
144ParagraphToBreak :	"<P> to <BR>",
147// Geshi plugin
148geshiHelp:        'With this tool you can create either a "Code Block" or "Downloadable Code Snippet".'
149	               + 'For a snippet you must also enter a file name for the download. Then '
150	               +'  select the language type from the drop down menu and click OK. ' ,
152GeshiToolTip: "Insert Geshi Code Block",
153GeshiCodeBlock: 'Code Block',
154GeshiDownloadable: 'Downloadable Code Snippet',
155GeshiDlgTitle:       'Geshi Selection Tool',
157GeshiInstructionList:   "There are two ways to create Geshi code blocks. <OL><LI>You can paste your code directly into the editor, "
158       + "select it with mouse  or keyboard, then open this dialog.  Your text will appear in the text window below.  In some cases, "
159       +"  in particular where the text has  already been marked up as a Geshi code block, the parser will not be able deal with "
160       + " the markup and this method will fail. "
161       + "<LI>You can open this dialog and paste the code into the text window below.   This method is <b>preferred</b> and will accept all forms "
162       + " and styles of code. </OL> You can then edit your code and when finished, click OK",
163geshiHelpButton:  'Instructions',
164geshiAlertLanguage: 'Please select a language',
165geshiAlertSnippet: 'Please enter a file name for this snippet',
166geshiSnippetFileName: 'Snippet File Name:',
169FckEditorSmileys    : "FCKEditor Smileys",
170DokuwikiSmileys     : "Dokuwiki Smileys",
171SmileysDlgInfo      : "FCKeditor smileys are inserted as images. Dokuwiki smileys are inserted as text and display as images in the browser.",
173// These two are for the toolbar and are already included in the language js files
174// so they should be edited rather than added to the file
175Style               : "Code Types",
176FontFormats         : "Headers",
179DokuwikiSignature:  "Signature",
181//VKI Keyboard Plugin
182VKeyboardIllustrations: "Illustrations",
183KeyboardToolTip:  'Open Virtual Keyboard',
184KeyboardDlgTitle: 'Virtual Keyboard',
185startVKeyboard:   'Start Virtual Keyboard',
186VKkeyboardHelp:     'Clicking the "Start Virtual Keyboard" button starts up the Virtual Keyboard. '
187                  + ' A Keyboard button/icon will appear at the lower left of the editing window; '
188                  + ' when clicked it opens the keyboard. Clicking "Illustrations" explains the '
189                  + ' various functions accessed from the virtual keyboard\'s top row.'  ,
193VKIllustrationText: '<b>Top row functions from left-to-right</b><br />'
194                    + '1. Clicking on the language identifier or the down arrow to its right opens a drop-down menu of languages; selecting one of these immediately changes the keyboard to the selected language. For an illustration of the drop-down menu scroll to the image at the bottom of this page.<br /> '
195                    + '2. Clicking the hash symbol(#)opens and closes the numeric keypad <br />'
196                    + '3. The up and down arrows to the right of the hash change the size of the keyboard and its fonts <br />'
197                    + '4. In fckgLite the "Clear" button has no function.'