1# DokuWiki Plugin: DokuCrypt2
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9This is a plugin for DokuWiki to support client side cryptography.
11* https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:dokucrypt2
12* Licence: GPL-2.0 (https://www.gnu.org/licenses/old-licenses/gpl-2.0.en.html)
13* Author: Originally by By Scott Moser. Maintained by Sherri Wheeler. (Twitter @SyntaxSeed. https://syntaxseed.com)
15> **!! Warning:** This plugin should not replace a password manager or peer reviewed cryptography tools for high-priority use. Do not store mission critical type data with this plugin - I cannot be sure that the info is not cached by DokuWiki or the web browser.
17> **!! This plugin is provided without warranty or guarantee of any kind. Use at your own discretion.**
19## Usage
22Hi world.  I have a secret.  Can you read it?
23<SECRET>I like ice cream</SECRET>
26When the user hits 'Save' (or a draft is attempted to be saved) a prompt will open, asking the user to enter a pass phrase key for the encryption. Once supplied, the encryption will be done in the browser and the encrypted text submitted to the server.
28## Settings
30This plugin includes configuration settings.
32* `copytoclipboard` - If set to true, the plugin tries to copy the decrypted value to the clipboard.
33* `hidepasswordoncopytoclipboard` - If set to true, the decrypted value will not be shown after being copied to the clipboard (see option 'copytoclipboard').
35## ChangeLog
37* 2022-08-08: Added ability and setting for copying the contents to the clipboard on decrypt.
38  * Contributed by Thomas Schäfer (https://github.com/ternite).
39* 2022-02-02: Preparatory fixes/testing for PHP 8. Improvements for code style PSRs.
40* 2021-05-18: Fix for internal link edit toolbar button. Issue #12.
41* 2021-03-03: Add wrapping for the pre tag. Contributed by dustin-something.
42* 2020-10-19: Formatting changes, add CSS classes, collapse by default.
43* 2020-10-14: Temp fix for Dokuwiki 2020-07-29 "Hogfather". DecryptSecret button was not appearing on page edit.
44* 2020-02-07: Updated for PHP v 7+.
45* 2017-11-08: Fixed an issue with the heading buttons 'PATCH 1' required (above). Added plugin info text file.
46* 2017-06-25: Fork the original plugin. Patch it up. Release for most recent DokuWiki version. Cheers!