1The DocSearch plugin allows you to search through your uploaded documents.
2It is integrated into the default DokuWiki search.
3Just fill in a search string and start to search.
5DocSearch needs external tools to convert a specific file type to plain text.
6Place the file extension in the Key column and the convert tool in the right.
7When a file with the specific extension is found the according tool will be used.
9DocSearch needs to tell the convert tool the path of the file to convert and the target to place the text file.
10This is done via placeholders. %in% is the source file and %out% is the target file.
11The generated text file must be UTF-8.
13An example:
14  /usr/bin/pdftotext -enc UTF-8 %in% %out%
16For more tips see the [[doku>plugin:docsearch|documentation]].