3 * English language file for the Config Manager
4 *
5 * If your language is not/only partially translated or you found an error/typo,
6 * have a look at the files belows "/plugin-blogtng/lang/<your lang>/". If they
7 * are not existing, copy and translate the English ones. And don't forget to
8 * send any new translation or fix to the BlogTNG authors (contact information
9 * can be found at <http://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:blogtng>). Thanks :-).
10 *
11 * @license GPL 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html)
12 */
14$lang['default_commentstatus']     = 'Default comment status choice in edit window';
15$lang['default_blog']              = 'Default blog choice in edit window for new pages';
16$lang['default_tags']              = 'Tags that are default prefilled in edit window';
17$lang['comments_allow_web']        = 'Allow users to link to their website with comments?';
18$lang['comments_subscription']     = 'Allow users to subscribe to new comments via email?';
19$lang['comments_gravatar_rating']  = 'Minimum rating for gravatars.';
20$lang['comments_gravatar_default'] = 'Avatar image to use for users without a gravatar image.';
21$lang['comments_xhtml_renderer']   = 'Syntax plugins to be renderer in comments via the default XHTML renderer instead of the special comment renderer. Use this to support syntax of plugins not natively supporting the comment renderer.';
22$lang['comments_forbid_syntax']    = 'Syntax plugins to be completely forbidden in comments (neither in XHTML nor in comment rendition).';
23$lang['editform_set_date']         = 'Allow to set the creation date of a blog entry via the edit form.';
24$lang['tags']                      = 'A comma-separated list of allowed tags. If empty, all tags are allowed.';
25$lang['receive_linkbacks']         = 'Receive notices about incoming links to your blogposts (receive linkbacks)?';
26$lang['send_linkbacks']            = 'Inform pages you linked in your blogposts (send linkbacks)?';