1This tool allows you to backup your page and meta data, as well as configuration for the wiki, templates, and plugins, as well as anything else you'd like to backup just in case a [[wp>meteorite]] accidentally lands on top of your hosting provider or something similar.
3The tool will create a [[wp>tar_(file format)|tar]] archive, compressed with either [[wp>bzip2]] or [[wp>gzip]] (or uncompressed, depending on availability) which you can then download.
5===== Notes =====
7  * If the backup times out on your server, try backing up fewer items at once.
8  * The final backup file is named //dw-backup-YearMonthDay-HourMinuteSecond.tar.bz2//, and time is in **24 hour format**.
9    * The file is formatted this way so that backups will **always** be sorted correctly.
10  * **If you are backing up anything confidential** (e.g., private pages, or configuration files that include account passwords), you should set the backup namespace to be viewable only by administrators, or delete your backup files immediately after creating them.
11  * You can filter out specific directories from being backed up (e.g., old backups, or rendered equation cache from [[doku>plugin:latex|LaTeX plugin]]). See this plugin's configuration for details.
13===== Create Backup =====
15Please select the following items you wish to backup...